New 750GB and 1TB HDD's from Western Digital



I just posted the article New 750GB and 1TB HDD’s from Western Digital.

Western Digital is a well known manufacturer of hard disks, whose products portfolio includes also a series of enterprise products purposely suited for demanding server and storage application…

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It seems like 1TB is quickly becoming the new plateau for hard drive manufacturers to reach when launching new products! I recently bought a 250GB HDD from a local store for something like $49!

I like it!


1tb drives were initially not made very reliable or fast… reducing performance (5400 rpm) to get a grip on the parallel write technology. Now that Seagate, and WD got Stella’s groove back (7200+rpm, 2.5" spec) we will see some nice drives in 2009 similar to what should have been release from the getgo… at 1tb+

Also 1.5tb drives should make a splash this Christmas!