New 7173, and cannot flash, please help!

Hello, I’ve just bought a new AD7173-A burner, and tried to make it rpc1, but even in Windows Safe Mode, I could not flash.
Could somebody help me.
Thank you.

What does it say?

It says “checksum error…”

Have to flash in PIO mode.

Did you try with a 40pin cable (ofr 80pin in safe mode)?
My guess is cables, but still safe mode without network support is the right option.

I didn’t try 40 pins cable, but 80 in safe mode.

You have to change the DMA to PIO to flash.

My only problem is that I have so many IDE controllers, I don’t know wich one I have to change!

Change them all in BIOS, then boot in safe mode, flash the drive, restart, reenter bios and change them all back.

For what it’s worth , with a new burner I’d use it for short while with only official firmware to make sure it was all working fine. Only then would I risk my warranty.

Completely agree with that. If you find out after flashing with an unofficial firmware that something doesn’t work right, then you’re out of luck because you’ll have voided your warranty.

Ok, I flashed it by putting the drive in my old computer where I could put it to pio mode.
Thx for help.

Your welcome!