New 7170-A in Mac Pro having issues



I just got this machine and it’s my first experience with the 7170-A so there are many unknowns, but the primary symptom is extremely slow install speed when installing Final Cut Studio.

Now let me just say, I had no speed problems installing Windows XP-Pro from a CD-ROM.

I also had no issues installing EQ2 from CD-R’s (the original came on 10 or so CD-R’s)

FCS is however gigantic and comes on DVDs. (I don’t know many specifics here, but i think they’re DVD 9 not 5. Making this from work, so can’t look) Installation times (estimated by the installer app) on some of the disks were in the 30 hour range. I had to force quit the installer after it would bog down, showing no progress in 2+ hours.

I could put the same install disk in my old G5 with a newer Pioneer 112x model burner and it would install much much faster. Write speeds in Activity Monitor in OSX10.51 were showing 8MB/Sec on the Pioneer and <2 MB/Sec on the Optiarc.

The stock Optiarc 7170-A came with firmware 1.N8

Call me crazy but I used bootcamp to fire up windows XP and ran the Xp-32bit GUI Binflash application to update the firmaware to Liggy’s 1.02c. I backed up the old one just in case.

Then I ran a different install DVD in the FCS suite (it was late on a work night and the priority was to get this app installed, not mess with hardware) but I did note in the Activity Monitor that write speed was at an average of 5 MB/sec up from <2 with the 1.N8 firmware.

So here’s my big question. Is this device defective do you think? Should I talk to Applecare about exchanging it? Or, does this model just have quality issues? I put the original Pioneer 116 that came with my old 2004 G5 in the second optical bay of the Mac Pro and it performed much much better that this new 7170-A. You guys are the experts in this area, what do you think?