New 716UF for 2 days and some scans



Hi All

Just got a 716UF for couple days and have been doing some burns and scanning and just thought I would share with some comments as below:

Plextor 716UF connected via USB
Firmware 1.08
TLA#0307 (Manufactured JUNE 2005)
Burning software: Dvd Decrypter

(1) To avoid variables, the first 3 burns I did were from the EXACT same ISO image on 3 different media:

FIRST - UNBRANDED TYG02 (RIMA), SECOND - Verbatim MCC 02RG20 - THIRD - “High Quality” with fake TYG02 (I tested this just for heck of it since I have bunch of them left. Was tricked into these from Meritline a while back). The HQ could not finish scanning with a “medium error” msg. I didn’t post the PIF (reached the 5 picture limit) but the maximum reached 208.


Here’s 2 more scans both from the EXACT same ISO image.

FIRST - Verbatim 16X +R MCC (the one that was bundled with the plextor drive. SECOND - Unbranded TYG02 (RIMA)

16X burning duration: 5:34 Average 10X Max: 15.4X. Doens’t look like my drive do too good with this. Guess I’ll stick w/8x discs.


Here’s couple more. Now these two are NOT from the same ISO image.


Looks like I have best luck with TYG02 (actually I think I have better burn with Verbatim…?) but I have no idea why the first TY scan sort of spiked at 284. Also notice that my scans (although most of TY seem to be within spec) are far worse compare to some of the scans I see from other members here. How can I improve and get better scans? Maybe the drive will like the +R media better? Should I test some TY+Rs?


If i’m not mistaken, some of the scans look ugly. In fact some burners will get better results. Very Dissapointing from me - the TY especially! The CMC is getting a bit close to limits as is with 16x MCC! TY seems to burn like <20 PI PEAK on almost everything!


Those scans don’t look good at all. But you often did not mention the burn speed, which is essential…


No matter what speed he’s burning those discs at, the PIE shouldn’t be anywhere near that high. Even TYG02 oversped to 16x should have low PIE and few PIF at the beginning and should only increase toward the end of the disc. I’d take that one back and exchange it for another 716UF for sure.


Seems like external might not be the way to go by the looks of this …


I have an external drive myself (PX-716UF) and it works excellent. I think hbw420’s problem might be that particular drive or perhaps a problem with the interface. Have you tried hooking up the drive to another computer, hbw420? I don’t think it will make a difference but it’s worth a shot.


BTW G@m3fr3@k, what TLA is your 716UF? Mine is 0203. It works fine burning media at their rated speed, but it butchers 8x@12x or 16x. Yours produced a pretty nice MCC003 12x burn from what I remember.


try Firewire?


Thanks for the replies.

Sorry I forgot to mention the burned speed. Everything was burned at its rated speed, so all discs were burned at 8X with only one exception of that bundled 16X +R Verbatim I burned at 16X.

I do realize the scans are not good compare to most other people here, but am I correct assuming the burned quality is still within the spec? Since the PIEs are under 280 and PIFs are under 4? I’m still a newbie on reading this graph so please bear with me. Hopefully I won’t have to go through the process of returning the drive… :frowning:

My desktop (Dell Dimension 8400) does not have firewire, but I have a Dell Laptop (Inspiron 8500) with firewire… So maybe I’ll hook it up to the laptop and give it a try later.


some of your scans are within spec…others are not…

given you burned all media at rated speeds, the quality is sub-par IMHO…

give Firewire and some different spindles of media and post some scans…if they’re similar, i say RMA/exchange…


My 716-uf kills any media I try to over speed usb or firewire, but my 8x scans are perfect. If those were 8x scans I’d be pissed.

BTW my TLA# is the same as two degree so maybe bad batch.


From what I am gathering so far, my understanding is with the exception of that FAKE “high quality” brand TYG02 & 16X Verbatim+R, all my other TYG02 & 8X Verbatim MCC scans are considered within the spec, and although within the spec the quality is sub-par.

Just out of curiosity, I just tested a burn with 4X on TYG02 and wow the result is actually WORSE burning at slower speed. I remember reading suggestions on this forum to burn -R media at its rated speed and not slower because slow does not necessary mean better burn and now I know what you mean.

I’ll be testing firewire later tonight and post my result. And if the result is still bad then I guess I’ll have to deal with returns… But do you think I should order a small supply of +R TY to test out and see if it would do better? So far all my burns on TY have been -R.


Don’t mean to bombard you guys with so many scans, but I just tested out the firewire connection with my laptop and below is the scan. I think it’s about the same result as USB. Burned at 8X on TYG02 using same image file as the scan on above post.

I guess the next step is to return the drive. However, seems like some people on this forums had to return multiple times to get a good one, so there is risk of getting a drive that might actually perform worse than the drive I have now?? Again, my assumption is while my scan is very bad compare to most other people here, they are technically still within the SPEC of 280/4. Correct? If that’s the case, I think I might just keep this drive and stick to TYG02 and/or Verbatim MCC medias and only burn at 8X, and I might order a small supplies of +R TY to see if I can make further improvement.


Don’t base an RMA decision on what you see here … we get a lot of people who get blown off somehow/someway by Plextor, storm in here and blast everything in sight, then gone forever after a day and a half. :eek: :bigsmile:

Interesting thing about your scans - the PIFs are definitely under control even while the PIEs are downright fugly…

I’d say RMA (hey, you paid for it in the original price) because I think those scanned discs couldn’t stand a slight ding before heading off into POF territory. You also shouldn’t have to find a very specific media for it; it’s got that Autostrategy thingie, and besides my 712 burns second class media real great. Px716 should be a pretty decent (if not the best) writer and yours isn’t. Or email them the scans and see what they think.



Interesting thing about your scans - the PIFs are definitely under control even while the PIEs are downright fugly…
it is a bit odd…but IMHO, PIE levels are so overrated here at CDF…PIF and jitter are so much more important when gauging the quality of a burn…though the 716 aint so hot at jitter :disagree:

Or email them the scans and see what they think.


Very good points. I will return it and get an exchange. I plan to return it to the store instead of going through RMA with Plextor. This ensure a brand new drive to start again instead of risking chance of getting a reconditioned drive. From what I’m reading on MWAVE policy (where I bought the drive), it has a 15% restocking fee if the product is not defective. Now the drive does burn and just with bad scans so I’m not sure if bad scan is considered “defective” in their book, but anyways, I don’t mind paying restocking fee and start with another brand new drive. Will give them a call tomorrow and hopefully the return process will be smooth. The store is local to me so if I’m lucky, I can have a new drive tomrorow and I will surely update this thread with new scans from my new drive. Hopefully you guys aren’t sick of seeing my scans yet. :bigsmile: Thanks again for all the inputs!


I think the only person’s scans we might have gotten sick of seeing were Hamp’s from the old 712A 1.05 thread, because they were always so good :stuck_out_tongue:


you can show them the quality scans you posted in this thread (at least the ones where PIE is out of spec ie >280 of which you have a few)…let them know these were high quality media burned at rated speeds…that should be enough evidence of a “defective” unit…i wouldn’t pay the 15% if i were you…

Freaks sick of seeing scans??? methinks not :wink: