New 716sa firmware a joke

whats with plextor releasing second grade firmwares lately, just because they now have the title as the best doesn’t mean they can release firmware upgrades that are second grade.

Why do you say second grade?

have you seen the updates, they do minimum updates and call that a firmware update. Yet leaving out critical support

the 1.07 update shouldn’t have even been released that was a minio update to a database that should have been there in the first placee 106a would of been a suitable update name since its not enough changes for a full build.

the plextor 716 is still missing mt, better cdc drw support, dvd ram, and a complete dvd rw-/rw+ support database.

(assumming you go with the official updates)

the 716 is capable of all of this its plextor who is playing games with their paying customers. I for one will not buy a plextor drive again after the second grade experience they give. Their products cost double and offer limited differences from its compeditors. What makes them even worse is that their plexor px drive needs to be bought if you’d like the features.

One question comes to mind; Is this a company who seems to care about their customers, or just another company taken in by the North American way of living and charging customers up the ass?

Can we hope then, that this has been your last post in this forum?





Get off the crack pipe. When was the PX-716A supposed to support DVD-RAM. You’re an idiot if you didn’t read specs before purchasing the drive.

You’re correct that Plextor never advertised DVD-RAM support. On a side note i’d like to remark that the Sanyo chipset used in the 716a does at least offer 2x DVD-RAM read support. Whether it makes sense for Plextor to implement it in the firmware is open to discussion (expecially as there is support in the hardware to DVD-RAM writing).

The roadmap for future Sanyo CD/DVD chipsets includes RAM reading and writing. Since 16x DVD-RAM is announced for later this year i think it is quite likely that an eventual 716a successor might have DVD-RAM support. Time will tell.

Is there any PX-716SA clones? if so which models? I need SATA model btw

You could also use an IDE to SATA adapter. It’s a bit cumbersome but it works.

any link perhaps? :slight_smile:


Has Google stopped working? :confused:

Anyway, to give you an idea what to look for:

Whatever you decide to use, make sure to check what bridge chip it uses and compare with Plextors compability list:


Good to see that Plextor zealotry is still found here :Z :rolleyes: