New 716A get blue screen with a movie



I just installed my new 716a in my Dell dimension 2400 with xp sp2 and I get the blue screen of death when I put a movie in the drive. I tried an audio cd and it plays. I got an error message that it was a problem with the video driver so I downloaded and installed the latest driver but still got the same result. I went to Windows upgrade and did all it recommended but still get the blue screen. Any ideas?


I had that problem in a neighbors computer with an old Pioneer DVD-ROM drive.
Updated video drivers did not fix it.
I ended up putting another video card with a different chipset in and it worked fine after that.

I know this doesn’t help you but you are on the right track.


BCS, do you have Sonic DLA installed?
Check this FAQ:


I think so


Then uninstall it and try again.


Same thing happened to me! It was DLA! I did not know I even had it on my computer!

Here is what Plex said=

[B]Please uninstall any UDF software such as Sonic DLA, Nero InCD, etc, as they will cause that.

Plextor America Support Team - Jack[/B]


Thanks for the help. I uninstalled Sonic DLA and got rid of BSOD.