New 6500A won't burn DVD - help

I am new to burning DVD’s. I just got an Averatec 4100 laptop with a NEC-6500A. I can burn and read CD’s, read DVD movies (bought not burned) but cannot get this thing to burn a DVD. I tried text files (using Cyberlink Power2Go and drag and drop) and movies (Ulead and Cyberlink Power producer). As soon as it starts to burn, it aborts and says the disk is bad. I am using Memorex DVD-R. Could this be media related? The Power2Go indicates that the disk is blank and the DVD is fine, as does Windows. Seems ok except for the DVD burning. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Possible, Memorex is not the best. Only way to tell is to try know good media like Verbatim (if you’re in Europe avoid the “Pearl White” ones).

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Thanks, I’ll try some Verbatim. Another observation- If I put a DVD-R (blank) in, Windows shows it is a DVD-R, 0 bytes used, but 0 bytes free. Don’t know if this will help diagnose the problem :confused:

Because you have to use a REAL burning app!

Thanks for the help, the Verbatim disks did the trick. I didn’t realize how important media was for burning DVD’s. I’m a happy camper now :smiley: I would be curious to know what real burning software you might suggest, that might be helpful.

Have a look at Nero 6 (trial is available) and also ImgBurn, ImgToolBurn and DVDDecrypter.