New 5005s any better?

Is there any evidence that the 5005’s being sold in the shops are any better than,say,a u.k. September 2004 lvw 5005? .I’m at the stage where Argos have said I can have my money back (after 3 months of use!)…Nobody seems to have got to the bottom of the jitter/staggered motion problem.Or maybe Liteon have solved the problem but dont want to admit previous machines are flawed…Presumably,the new machines have latest firmware,so hacking will be a problem…Despite all the faults with the 5005,it’s been a good, simple to use machine(99% of the time)…So whilst Argos are still on the boil,I need to decide which way to jump,keep it,swap it for another,or get my money back and try another brand.Any advice would be much appreciated. :confused:

USA 5005a unit, have noticed the jitter/staggered frame issue on only couple or recordings - but bad enough no question. Actually I have only observed on vhs dub with mv hack. I have not seen it on digital cable recordings - they look very good, and smooth. Never heard of the S unit before, but I guess one has to way the relatively inexpensive price, fact that mv can be disabled(only manuf I know for hack like that other than ILO (actually still a liteon!), and fact that it records all formats (except the outdated dvd-ram), including cd audio!!

Why not get your money back and try the 5006 instead, I have both and the 5006 corrects a few flaws in the 5005 from what I understand, never had the staggered motion problem with the 5005 unit though.

You can get the 5006 here for £144 which is where I got my 5005 & 5006.

Mine is on the way back to Liteon as we speak! They all but guaranteed me they had a fix? I was in the same boat as you 2 weeks ago with the 90 day return to K-mart (USA). That date has passed & I decided to keep mine and hope they didn’t lie to me… & I hope I didn’t make a mistake?? workknot just got his back a couple days ago and it’s seems to be OK!! Mine was the same model as his (9/04). They sent him a new one (12/04). :confused:

Thats the only time I get jitter also, is when I’m recording vhs tapes that are copy protected with the MV hack I installed on my 5005a.

The tapes are jitter free until I record MV tapes. I can’t say every copy protected vhs jitters, because I have made decent copies, but when it does jitter, the tape is copy protected.


Kurb, supp to my post, same here, I don’t think even all the vhs dubs, but only on those, of course if the mv hack is the cause, I’ll take it cuz otherwise we wouldn’t be able to back those up! - oh and disregard the reference I made to a “S” model in previous post, that was in response to Robbie-UK post, where in error I extracted the S out of 5005’s! Sorry about that if it confused anyone. I do think though one could end up with a better performing 5005 from another, as they apparently use a lot of different hardware in this model, and probably all of their stuff - my Liteon replaced unit is working good, so happy for now!

LiteOn 5005a Sept. 04 build date. I was having all the problems many with this unit have. Jumpy/Jitter, Green contrast and some pixelation in certain scenes. I sent this unit into LiteOn. They sent me back a brand new machine 5005 Dec. 04 build. The new machine has the 813s drive, where the old one had the 541s. The new one also has 2 additional small heat sinks on the 8602 board. They are located just to the right of the 2 inch square heat sink which I think would be the processor. That is looking in the machine from the top rear. The new machine seems to have better Color and has not yet displayed any problems. On the back of the new machine, the small white sticker has the Firmare and Drive numbers: F: LNFA1094 D: B205
Upon hooking upl the unit, the internal SN is 0102-1840-0098-B208 (103-010D ).
I went to the LiteOn site and entered 0094 in place of the 0098 which is in the internal SN and got the Firmware and Drive updates. I then used my Hex Editor XVI32 and applied the MV free Hack and added the 3 Hour mode. I did not do the Region Hack, as this can be changed with the remote control. I set the machine back to DEFAULT and applied the Hacked Firmware first, rebooted and applied the Drive update, rebooted and all went very well. I now have MV free plus 3 Hour record mode and can change the Region with the remote control. My have had much hope for this machine from the start, even with the problems. Now after getting a new machine after only 10 business days, I have nothing but good to say about the LVW 5005. I would not hesitate to get an RMA and get another machine.
Regard’s; Pop’s


Just a comment about those heatsinks, this guy modded his unit several weeks ago that way, makes you wonder if Liteon staff are snooping around?,177.0.html

I’m sure Liteon are snoopin around for sure.
Checking out all the bugs people are mentioning in these forums.
Good link to another forum BTW :iagree:

the trouble with Argos is you don’t know what you get until it arives down here in the southwest I visited 3 stores and have had a total of 8 units ( one at a time) of which some have been week 32 upto october 2004 - and they were not in this order the first two were october 2004 followed by a week 32 followed by a june 2004 then 2 september 2004s followed by anouther week 32 2004 and the latest is a LVW5004 from November 2004 yet has the guts of a LVW5001.

if there are new units december 2004 onwards I don’t think they have made it down here yet !!

I might be crazy, but as I looked at the pics, it appears that there at possibly 2 chips on that board?? I understand that in the USA we don’t have the Scart hookup? On my board there is only one main chip where the 2 chips are on the referenced board? Is it possible that there many different boards depending on where you live??

My US 5005a mfr date on tag is Sept 04, I purchased it in Nov 04 and it came with 3 heat sinks. The black one on the processor is 1 1/4" square and 3/8" high. The 2 small silver ones near the IDE cable are 3/8" square and 5/8" high.

NicKKK,The 5005’s in Argos up in Lincolnshire are still dated September.All look to have been repackaged(badly).Where do they go in the be repaired?..Firmware doesn’t seem to have solved the jitter/robotic motion.So either Argos are either sending faulty machines back out to the shops or they’ve been repaired and sent out.The shop checked and they said they hadn’t been returned by customers.I suppose i’ll have to try another.Cant fault Argos for their customer care,but we just want a good machine!..By the way my 5004 is going back.Cant get a decent signal through it from aerial or cable…I only ask you because you’re on your 8th one,is it?..cheers