New 5005



I have been reading and following the forums and I don’t seem to find what I need.
I bought a Liteon 5005 Datecode Jan 2005 Serial 0102 with 0098 installed.
I have been able to get the region cleared up.
Went to the Lite on site for updates and all I get is LNFA1000.E30.
I have had no sucess for the 3 hour and no MV.
I have tried to use the ILOHack but it does not recognize the file update.
Do I need to back up the current file that is on the unit. If so how is that done.


The update the web site offered you is firmware for the DVD drive mechanism.
To apply hacks for 3-hour mode and Macrovision disabling, you need the operating firmware for the 5005 itself.
The easiest way to get it is to re-enter your serial number but provide an earlier firmware version (like 1091) so that you are offered the appropriate 1098 file for your recorder. Then you can run ILOHack to get what you want.


Hello tinkerbell i see you have a LVW 5005 Dated Jan 2005 just wondering while you are watching the inbuilt tuner or using the AV inputs does the picture become jerky looks like moving frame by frame i gave one dated Nov 2004 and this happens quite a lot along with many others on the forum many thanks