New 4163B Owner (Scanning)

So I just hooked up a new LG GSA-4163B and did my first burn with some TYG02 media and wanted to scan it. Now I knew LG burners couldn’t scan but I always saw people posting scans with Nero CD/DVD speed quality scans with the burner listed somewhere. Is that just people writing the name in so people know and using another burner to scan?

Do I basically have to put my Lite-On Burner I replaced back in and use that to scan now or will my Lite-on 167T DVD-ROM work as a scanner at all?

The LG will not quality scan. Swap the LiteOn DVD-ROM for the LiteOn Writer.

Thanks for the quick reply. Guess my 832S is going back in now as a scanner :smiley:

If you use CD Speed to create a dvd (by creating a data disc using a NRG or ISO image), then the name of the LG burner will appear in the quality scan. CD Speed records that info onto the disc.