New 4163 owner,but a noob

thanks to all the reviews etc from this forum I bought a lg4163 today. Installed it , but yet to use the thing. Any recomendations on programs I need to start burning ?
Or any other tips would be much apreciated

try Nero, I believe you can download the demo from their website to see if it works for you.

got nero 6. something ( the latest one). But the problem I have is I have a bunch of movies on my harddrive I would like to burn to dvd. When I try with Nero i get error mess. about file types

What file types do you have .dat, mpeg, avi, wmv,…
Did you try Nero Recode ?
Have a look at GSpot which may help you to identify the video’s codec.

thanks. i used gspot and came up with this :stream type "open dmlavi "
and video codec;4cc “xvid” name: “xvid”
so I assume its xvid ?

You may have a look at this tool then.

thank you very much. im converting as i type

ok, so next question…after i have converted the files. Nero will burn directly to dvd? or do I need to do something else?
i know these are realy stupid questions. But there coming from a guy who just graduated from the “one button” on the front of my comp. case

see if you have NeroVision, it is Nero’s movie making program

well I uused nero to burn the dvd…got a dvd that will work on the comp but wont read on the dvd player. this is realy pissing me off. Not as easy as burning cds thats for sure

You should have no problem once you find out what type of media your DVD player likes. Go to and find out whether you should be using +R or -R media.
Initially need the right codecs. Search for ffshow, DIVX player and Xvid. Then you use Nerovision Express - add video files and follow the bouncing ball. Make sure that you burn them as NTSC rather than PAL if you are in North America and do not use ‘burn at once’. If you have +R media, set the booktype to DVDROM.
Hint - If the files play on your hard drive with Nerovision, you probably have the correct codec.

they play on the comp with powed dvd, but not on my sony dvd player. I bought some cheaper ridata 8x dvd-r’s. just incase i screwed up…well it would seem like I have.
so what i have done is.
D/loaded some movies to my harddrive.Now I have tried converting them from xvid to dvd and burning with no luck, and now just using nero vision. both work on my comp, but none on the stand alone sony dvd player.
I feel like hitting the skull against the wall for a few hours might help. Anything else ?

ok i thuink I found the problem…I checked the dvd and there burned as PAL. Will this make a diffrence ? I guesse it must

Strange as it seems, some of the real cheap DVD players will play PAL. Like this $40.00 Daewoo that was on sale at London Drugs. And it also plays a DVD full of MP3’s.

yes so true. My “expensive” Sony one is picky to say the least.
good new’s is I have burned a few dvd’s with great succes :bigsmile:
But Im still having a bit of trouble converting a few files from avi to dvd format. Most of my movies convert no probs, but for some reason a few of my English tv series I have d/loaded dont like to be converted. The converter doesnt even recognize there is a file.
But all in all…after many hours of noobin’ around I did it.

just a quick update. I found using vs dvx to dvd and then burning with dvd santa is working great for me. I have yet to update firmware as Im not to sure about such thing. So what I would also like to know is about the disc scanning for errors. Do you guys just use Nero? Is there something better ? When I scan with Nero it takes along time so I always cancel the scan. Does it take sometime to go thru the scanning? I think my Nero also doesnt do someof the scans as when I go to those options Im not able to click any prompt to start.
but all in all my discs seem to be burning good. So if you guys recomend updating the firmware maybe I will give it a go