New 4163--Help interpreting scans

I just installed a new GSA-4163B today, and as long as I had the system open, I immediately flashed the f/w w/the new version A104–it arrived w/version A101. The first thing I did w/it was run tests w/Nero CD/DVD Speed, and I’d appreciate some help interpreting the scans, especially the Disk Quality test.

As you can see, about 1/3 of the way thru, the PIEs and PIFs took a big hop… seems to coincide w/the Z-CLV change at that point. The “Quality Score” is still high–tho I read elsewhere on this forum that the score doesn’t mean all that much.

Anyway, any help on the results would be appreciated. Since the 4163 won’t do a Disk Quality Test, I ran that on my NEC 3520AW. And just to make sure the disk itself was good, I threw in a Surface Scan for good measure.

So, is that “hop” a bad thing? What does it mean, exactly?

PI errors reaching 1000 look bad… I’ve never seen an MCC003 burn like that. I’ve seen jitter change by as much as 1% between different speed zones but never this much of PIE/PIF level jumps.

It could be the reader. Is the read speed curve smooth on the NEC as well? It should stumble a bit when it reaches that 12x zone. LG seems to read right through it, and that’s what leads me to believe PIE > 1000 is due to NEC not being able to read the disc right (not tracking the groove properly due to slightly different pit characteristics in the last zone, for example).

With MCC003 at 12x, scanning in a BenQ drive, it looks more like this: