New 40125W: upgrade?



I've bought a new 40125W a few days ago. I have read the posts in this forum and, with my pleasure, I have known that it's possible to upgrade to 48x writing speed. If I upgrade with VS02 the writer loose some function that the original firmaware does ? And do someone of you know if the the writer will be correctly recognised by easy cd creator 5 and directcd 5 too (the original 48125W is now supported from rel. 5.02d).

Thank you very very much for you help. Congratulations from the forum too!


does anyone knows where i can find update 5.02d

is it already released???



I think 5.02d was the upgrade before 5.1 which is the most corrent update. Get it at

An overclocked drive will have the same program compatibility as the real driveā€¦


ok ,now i have the update 5.11 & 5.3
if i want to use the files ,it says: is geen geldige win32 toepassing

what does that means ,and how do i get the damn updates get to work???