New 40125s Audio burn probs

I have installed the bundled software (Nero but when I try to burn an audio CD, it comes up with “Analysis Failed”

What is the best way to burn a cd with Nero?
With the wizard?

I also tried adaptec 5.5, but it would not recognise my burner.

Try installing Nero

where would i find that?


Thankyou very much, i am downloading it now.
Why will this fix my problem?

I don’t know why exactly this will fix your problem.

However, whenever I buy a new drive or device, I use the latest drivers / software for them. This has worked for me so far.

You might also try using the latest firmware for your drive.

This is assuming your CD can be read / has no scratches etc. If you are new to burning audio CDs, you might want to start off with the Nero wizard.