*New* 40/12/48 firmware for "3S" drives?



As some of you may know, I have a site that was at first dedicated to the Sony CD-RW CRX195E1, a 40/12/48 writer that I thought was based only on the Lite-ON LTR-40125S. Up until now I had only run into such drives, but recently someone emailed me about being unable to burn after flashing his drive with the latest modified firmware based on VS0D for the LTR-48125W. The symptoms sounded similar to those described after flashing a LTR-32123S to a LTR-48125W. His drive had a very weird firmware version, ZYU1, which starts like normal Sony/Lite-ON firmwares with the ZY, and ends like the unique firmware, XSU1 which lets LTR-32123S or LTR-24123S users achieve 40/12/48 speeds.

I’d like it if any of you who have LTR-32123S or LTR-24123S drives that are using XSU1 now or just want to try this want to flash your drives. Who knows, maybe it’ll work better than XSU1. It might have some of the Sony features like TurboBoost, but I doubt it since 40x is not considered fast enough to be dangerous. This firmware may not have Mt. Rainier support like XSU1 does.

Get it from my page here: http://dhc014.rpc1.org/oemcollec.htm#CRX195E1

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Okay I’m testing this one out now on me 32S… Flash went fine and Nero CD-Speed simulation too. Will burn disc and check C1/C2 now. Screens up later.
For now no problemos.


Indeed it is another firmware like XSU1, but since it is a Sony firmware, the LED only glows green, and it may not support Mt. Rainier. The only benefit that we may find would be writing quality I guess, and who knows, it could be worse.


You think anything can be worse than XSU1? :wink:


I was wrong. There are worse than XSU1…

Looks good.

Still fine.

Yes Prodisc is crappy, but not this crappy! Horrible! :eek:


Now this is a little better, but not as good as it should be. These are my l33t Ritek’s…
[note: burned at 32x]

I say crappy firmware, back to XS0Z on that unit…


Haha, unsticky time :wink:


Yes… Man these Prodiscs ARE really crappy, only my 52x seems to do acceptable with them…

This is same prodisc as before (Memorex branded) burned at 32x with firmware XS0Z… It looked good until that C2-spike-of-doom came from nowhere…


Airhead…do some tests with XS0X. Even though it’s Z-CLV, a few of us have found it to provide the highest quality burns (lowest C1 errors) for our LTR-32123S drives. In my own testing, XSU1 was horrible, XS0Z was decent, and XS0X was by far the best. It’s slower due to the Z-CLV, but I prefer higher quality burns than saving 30 seconds per disc.

A 40X firmware with the features of the XSU1 (P-CAV, Mt. Rainier) and the burn quality of the XS0X…that’d be something. :cool:


OK, I’m the owner of this strange CRX195E1, and want to test it with the ZYU1 firmware. But I’m new to this area and don’t kown how to set the options of Kprobe. Could anyone tell me how to do with it?

By the way, currently I just own one type CD-R, the mark on it is imation, but the manufacture probed is CMC Magnetics Corporation.


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KProbe doesn’t really need to be set up, it should run fine with the default options. Just pop in the disc, then click start. Once it’s done click on the save button to save a nice screenshot.

What you want to look for are large peaks in the disc. Check out the media forum for other screenshots, and there’s the XSU1 thread too for some screenshots of XSU1 in action. I linked to this thread in my first post.


Imation? Also, don’t be too worried about the HIGH error rates you may get! This media isn’t too good, to put it mildly!


I got a vary bad result…how to upload the image?


And, Could anyone please mail me the binary file of XS0X, XS0Z and XSU1£¿I want to try them on my device.



Originally posted by lllppp
[B]And, Could anyone please mail me the binary file of XS0X, XS0Z and XSU1£¿I want to try them on my device.

lll_ppp@etang.com [/B]

I’ll email them.


Will compare XS0X someday.


Just got a new spindle of RiTEK. I can’t seem to attach images to this post, but here are my results with XS0X (first) and XS0Z (second) firmwares:

C1 Max: 14
C1 Total: 2151
C1 Avg: 0.603

C1 Max: 21
C1 Total: 7204
C1 Avg: 1.883

XS0X always produces better results, but either firmware produces good results on quality media. Lower quality media is where XS0X appears to provide a noticeable advantage.


Last one…
Mitsubishi Azo 48x A+ discs

C1 Max: 22
C1 Total: 3433
C1 Avg: 0.944

C1 Max: 37
C1 Total: 26101
C1 Avg: 7.373


Well, I did some testing today and here is my conclusion:

XS0X > ZYU1 > XS0Z > XSU1