New 3D antenna technology to revolutionize Wifi

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A new company founded by a Dutch billionaire and a technology veteran promises to revolutionize Wifi with cheaper and 6-8x better performing antenna’s which soon could end up in mobile phones from HTC, LG and Samsung.

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More powerful electromagnetic radiation. Fantastic.

Sounds interesting but also sounds a little bit like snake oil.

3D has always been snake oil

Has this dutch company just discovered single antenna beam forming?

Without knowing anything about antenna design, I’d still suggest that a funny shaped antenna would still appear to any receiver practically indistinguishable to a uniformally circular antenna, either in signal strength or deviation.

When you have two antennas, the signal strength sums (evenly) when you are equidistant from each antenna. If you aren’t directly between them, you still end up with massive benefits of multipath and funky calculations increase the robustness of your signal reception ability.

If you have more than two, you get much better reception, but the processing gets harder.