New 3550A

Anyways… I’ve read all the post’s here about the 3550A that I could see and … Well I just bought mine and when I first put it in it was v1.05 so I went to update first cause that’s what I usually do. It was burning good but kinda slow the first time 13min26sec for 16x Verbatim DVD+R. So I upgraded the firmware to v1.06… and that’s where I got scared… I updated it and then turned off PC like I’m sappose too. However, when I hit the power on button it started to start then just turned off… and so then I hit the PSU button off waited… turned it on and then PC booted up like normal. Everything seemed fine I put in same DVD+R and burnt and it burnt it in 7min17sec I was very happy with this. So I put in Verbatim 16x DVD-R and it started burning to test… and my pc shut off again… and I got scared again… so I did the samething as I did before hit the PSU button… waited… turned it on… hit power button on PC and BAM!! my PSU blew up… gotta love the smell of sulfur… (So you know it was a JPAC 500W) Anyways now I had to get a new PSU and hope everything was fine… anyways IT WASSS. However, I got a 300W in now… and it’s running slow as hell now… I checked my DMA setting and I changed it to DMA but now I’m getting the current transfer rate stuck on PIO like I see a few other people talking about… Anyways I’m thinking of doing the downgrade on my firmware to 1.04 like I saw someone else saying they did… ANYWWWAYYSS please tell me what you guy’s think I should do and whatever…

Is it possible that the cord attaching my 3550A to MB be stoping me from changing it to DMA ?? cause it’s a different cord then before cause I got the my other CD-RW drive using the wire from lastnight and we attached an older cord to the DVD-RW O_o anyways just tell me xP.

You should use an 80-wire IDE cable for it. They typically have 3 different color connectors (black->master, grey->slave, blue->motherboard).

But you might need to uninstall or delete the IDE controller under Device Manager and then let Windows redetect things.