New 3550A

Just got a new 3550A and am glad to see more posts on it cropping up. I have Nero 6.6 Ultra with most updates installed and am just learning how to use it all.

I hope there will be more info on the 3550A forthcoming.

In the Review of the 3540A and the First Look at the 4550A it was said that Mt. Ranier is not supported. When Nero 6.6 looks at my 3550A it says Mt. Ranier is supported. Is this a conflict of information? Or perhaps a surprise?

The question is academic at the moment as I do not yet have XP. But I will soon and am trying to prepare.

I am searching the forum for 3550A posts. If anyone has more hard info or experience I would sure like to see it. And if I can help anyone in testing their 3550A notions I’ll be glad to try.


I have 3550 and it doesn’t support Mt.Rainer

I just received this drive from newegg, bought for $38.99 shipped with 5 Ridata +R DL and 1 4X +RW for free. Such a deal so I couldn’t resist. I dont really need another burner but I will post it in a few days when I have time to put another system together. But I dont think this drive supports MT. Rainier. Can any1 dig up the official specs on this drive. I am way too lazy.

From Nero 6.6 on my 3550A:
Not yet having XP I can’t prove it but Nero thinks it does support Mt. Ranier.

I have a 3550A coming in the mail tommrow, will post then with results. (MT Rainer support.)

Nero InfoTool 4.00
Windows XP

No Mount Rainier there…

reizer, welcome to the forum.

If only I could speak your language and understand (almost) every word that is on that picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Nero InfoTool 3.01
Windows XP

Now with english texts instead finnish as previous picture :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys, More as expected than hoped. :wink:

It’s well known, that 3550/4550 CD-RWs max. write speed is 32x, but this speed is an “Ultra Speed+ CD-RW Spec.”. On the drive only a “UltraSpeed” Logo. So was anybody traying to write such disks, I think most frequient is Verbatim CDRW 32x?