New 3550 Install = BSOD

I have recently added a 3550 to my system and whenever I load a DVD in the drive I get the BSOD. It doesn’t matter if it’s a retail or burned DVD. I’ve read through the forums, but only found 1 other instance that this has happened with no resolution. I have the 3550 setup as master on the jumper. Has anyone else had any problems like this? I will try and post the BSOD error when I get back to that computer.

Thanks in advance

This is bound to be a driver issue. InCD/DirectCD are known to do this, as will most any program that uses “auto insert notification”. The BSOD error message will be a big help. Turning off AIN will probably solve the BSOD.

The BSOD message was something about “cusbohcn.sys” error

Google that file and you get Gladiator Antivirus or some such thing.

Edit: wrong, that was just a forum post with that file in it. Anyway, that’s a program file or driver of some sort, and is not a part of Windows AFAIK.


I took the drive home and installed it in my computer there and it works just fine. No problems whatsoever. I swapped it out with an older 2500A. I’ll take the 2500 to work and see what happens when I hook that up.