New 3540A Tested. Is this good or bad?

I just recieved my 3540A from newegg and it looks like it might not be that hot.
That or the media I have isn’t that good.
The last 4 digits of the serial are S112 and it was made in July 2005 if that is of any value.

PC Specs.
P4 1.7, 256mb ram, 20gb hdd.

When I did the burn with Nero Express (v6.6.0.15) it only gave me 16x as the lowest choice.
However it burned at around 3.7X which shouldn’t be bad since the media was only 4X.
The write speeds on Nero say it’s good to 8X.

The burn was done from data on a mapped drive. the ethernets cards are 100mbps.

Burn Results:

Disk Info:
The media I am using is FujiFilm DVD+R 4X
I don’t think this is the “Made in Japan” media. Where would I see that?
<img src=“ blank info.jpg”><p>

Disk Quality at 8X:
Shouldn’t there be jitter info?
The PI Errors & PI Failures numbers are lower on the 16x below.
<img src=“”><p>

Disk Quality at 16X:
Are the PI Errors & PI Failures high?
<img src=“”>
what is a good quality score?<p>

<img src=“”><p>

Scandisk C1/C2 P1/P0 Test:
This looks like almost half the burn is bad.
<img src=“ test.jpg”>
is half the data bad on this?<p>

Scandisk Read Test:
<img src=“ test.jpg”><p>

The only other media I have is 2 MCC 003 8X.
I didn’t want to to buy much media until I verifyed the drive
and know which is best to use on this.

How much of a difference would a firmware update make on the tests performed?


I don’t think this is the “Made in Japan” media. Where would I see that?

This would be written on the packaging of the spindle/jewel case. Your media (RICOHJPN R01) is made in Taiwan by Ritek – the made in Japan Fuji discs are made by Taiyo Yuden and would have a media code of YUDEN000T02.

With respect to your quality scans – NEC scans should be made at 5x, not 8 or 16x. And “Quick Scan” should not be selected.

Your discs should be decent, but your scans look very bad. See if the scans look better at 5x.

I would also recommend burning from a local HDD and not across the network, but I don’t know how much this would affect error rates on the disc.

I just tried 5X and I keep getting a “test initialization error”


My scan of R01 on my 3540 here:

Suggest that you take a hard look at your setup-


yes, that is a major difference. I thought mine looked real Bad. should the dma be turned on? I don’t know what else to look for in the setup.


DMA should definitly be ON. :slight_smile:

ok, well the dma was on when I did the burn


No idea but just a sidenote to reply to a question you asked: the 3540A does not report jitter.

You either have bad discs or a bad burner. Try different discs, or try the discs you have in a different burner.

I have 2 sample disks I am going to try.

transfer rate test looks good. your drive might not be that accurate of a scanner. if you are able to scan on another drive (benq liteon) you may get a far different answer

I’ll second that :iagree: - actually some 3540A are pretty awful scanners. It’s possible you’re the unlucky owner of one of those… :frowning:

Also if it’s brand new, expect some “running-in” period. First scans performed on my two 3540A were rather looney. After 8-10 burns and scans, things looked much better. :wink:

yes it is brand new, the scan results I posted were of the 1st dvd I burned.
I hope it gets better.

OK then I’m not surprised :bigsmile: - you should have seen my first burn/scan of a TYG02 on the 3540A, it was awful. :doh:

Nowadays manufacturers cut costs and don’t take the time to perform a running-in of the units. Expect improvement :iagree:

Francksoy,by the term running-in do you mean burn in.

Yes, actually I could ask you the same question (the other way round), as proper terms are “running in” (british) and “breaking in” (american), “burn in” is just found on forums. :wink:

Burn in is the term I always hear in USA. I have a 3540 but became discouraged early on after so many spikes. I will give it another try.

Ricoh R01 is 4x certified DVD+R media. I would also flash your firmware beyond the old 1.01 that’s on it. Regardless, Fuji branded Ricoh R01 is excellent media and should give you great results at its certified speed. I often found my ND-3500A’s overspeed burning to be inconsistent quality even with the latest 2.1A firmware, especially on 8x Sony 08D1 media burned at full overspeed. Update your firmware to the latest, and reburn at 4x if you want to confirm your burner’s excellent quality at the media’s rated speed. Also I would recommend not making quality evaluations based on burning from a mapped drive, as small file sizes and antivirus scanning overhead could easily leave the drive burning most of the disc in a state of constant buffer underrun which would make for bad results regardless of the media used.

which firmware would be best to use? I eliminated burning from the mapped drive on for getting better results.

Ok I will do the “Burn-in”. I need to determine if the drive is good or bad.
Can I use cd-r’s for this or do I need to use dvd’s? I have more cd’s than dvd’s
same mfg. Fujifilm

any estmate’s on how many I haft to burn before I see a difference?

Also would it better to use large files or small files?