New 3540 won't recognise DL discs!

Hi there,

I am a newbie and like many before me I suspect, find myself here because I am encountering some hardware problems!

The first time I have tried using DL discs in my new drive, they are not being recognised. I am using Datawrite printable +R DL discs. I thought these would be OK!?

Nero seems to read it as a normal CD.

I want to burn a project from Pinnacle Studio, and that just tells me there is no media in the drive.

I have read a fair bit of the stuff on here, seems this is a common problem :doh: . I have removed my CD writer drive, that has not helped. Should I change the firmware, or just assume these discs are to be coasters and try a different disc type?

Thanks for any advice.

Mike :slight_smile:

PS: how do you paste a screen dump or embed an image, my attempt has failed!

It may just be the media itself. Is it possible for you to grab some Verbatim +R DL media and try those??
Try updating the firmware. Check Liggy and Dee’s firmware posts for more info.

Could be the media indeed.
The Verbs are the only decent DL discs, all the rest is rather mediocre.

Does your drive recognize all other DVDRs?

I had the same problem with Memorex discs. I just upgraded my firmware (to ver 103C) and the problem went away. Supposedly this firmware was to make the drive compatible with more disc media. Since the upgrade, I have been able to write to my Memorex DVD +R DL discs with no problems.

One other thing I did just to be safe was to decrease the write speed to 2X instead of the disc rated 2.4X.

I have a dell pc, so I went to to get the firmware upgrade

“I just upgraded my firmware (to ver 103C)”
“Removable Storage: NEC ND-3450A HH”

Here it’s a 3540A issue… :wink:

It looks like you have a 3450, not the 3540 we’re talking about here :rolleyes:

Seems like I should just go ahead and whack a new firmware on it?!

I have not tried other discs yet. The firmware option I can do without leaving my seat though, eh. :bigsmile:

thanks for the advice guys. i’ll report what happened!

I use these disks with no problems on my 3540

Cheers, but that link doesn’t take you to any disc info!

I flashed the drive with Liggy and Dee’s 1.W5 - no change. I’ll try the NEC official update but looks like I have some expensive coasters on my hands!