NEW 3520 FIRMWARE 3.04 Has some strange install notes?

hi everyone , in the firmware update theres a read me file on installing etc

Pls note following instructions for update procedure:

Connect drive to secondary IDE channel as Master, use standard UDMA-2 IDE cable

Disconnect all slave hardware from IDE secondary Master

Update in Windows “Safe Mode”

Under Windows 2000 & XP login as administrator

Update without DMA mode, under Windows XP & 2000 in the device manager - “IDE ATA/ ATAPI controllers”, you can switch from DMA to PIO mode

Disconnect all external USB/ FireWire devices.

Deactivate virusscanners, active desktop programs and packetwriting agents

why is there a need to change dma to pio ? whats the difference and is it best to leave it pio ?


It has already been discussed in this post.

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