New 3500AG owner, fw and standalone dvd rom reader questions

I just backed up van helsing using my AOpen DVD1648/AMH firmware R17 and DVDshrink, wrote it 8X to G05 Ritek DVD-R media on a 3500AG with 2.18 factory firmware.

The movie plays fine in my set top dvd player and 3500AG but isn’t recognized in my AOpen reader, wonder why? (noticed it does this with playstation discs too)

Also, concerning the liggy firmwares, does he have a webpage with progress and download links? All of the threads here are 2 billion pages long and the only links i’ve found for his stuff was beta8 however I see people posting about his 2.18 based hack, plus I need the flash tools etc… surely there’s an easier way to sift through this.



Easy to find - look at thread “NEC 2.18 including bitsetting support” by Liggy in this NEC hardware forum-

The very first post by Liggy has the shortcut to the firmware and a very good binflasher-

I have tried it and used it successfully (thanks Liggy)-


any ideas on the dvd rom reader?