New 3500A

I got exactly what I wanted for x-mas (because I ordered it :slight_smile: ) Came with 2.16 firmware but I flashed it to Liggys 218btrpc1. So far I have burned three TY G02 at 12x. They all came out with perfect curves in CD-DVD Speed.

I have a question though. With my old Lite-On 812S I always used kprobe and CD-DVD Speed to test burn quality. I gave away my 812 to a friend as an x-mas gift so I can’t scan with it. Is CD-DVD Speed the only way to test burn quality on NEC drives?

I also have two Ritek D01 DL disks left from my 5 pack. I tried 3 of them in my 812@832 but all were coasters. I have 2 left and I just read a post about people having problems with them and 2.18 firmware. Can anybody recommend a good firmware to burn these at?

Merry Christmas