New 3500A user question

My 3500A should arrive later this week. I’ve read many threads about various firmwares for it but am unclear as to the benefits of them over the one the unit comes with. My question is what benefits do these other firmwares have over NEC’s and which is the best?


Removing Riplock. NEC burners have a riplock for pressed DVD movies. It makes it so the drive is quieter when playing back movies. But it also makes it so that your rip speed if you choose to decrypt them is slower. RPC1, which I refuse to try to explain. If you want to know what that is head

Aggresivley overspeeding media. Check the My beta firmware’s thread by Liggy for more info on this.

The trade off for these “advantages” is this. If you F@ck up your drive by not understanding what you are doing by flashing a new firmware you should not RMA it. You voided your warranty, and as such ethically you should take your medicine and spend another $80 bucks for another drive.


I like Herries 2.17 - easy to flash and gives me everything I want with the absence of headaches-