NEW 3500A User, needs tips




Alright well I got a new NEC3500A and it was OEM, so I installed and let windows specify the drivers and everything for it. Is there a recommended set of drivers or is this fine?

Also, i’m looking to get some basic good dvd media for my burner. I’m not really into flashing or anything like that since i’m new to this “Scene” and i’d like to just have a good media that provides good burning capabilities. I prefer to order from NewEgg if anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I use Nero (CORRECTED) as a burning software, is there another one that’s preferred over this or is Nero good enough?


There is no driver needed for your new toy. Update your Nero to would be a good idea. Burning software is a personal choice that you have to make.

As far as media are concerned, there are many threads that speaks on that, but in general, I think FUJI 8X stuff should be a pretty safe bet for quality media either the RICOJPNR02 or YUDENT02. Available from Newegg of course…


thanks for the reply, yah i noticed a ton of threads on the best media, which made it hard for me to understand how to choose and what not…also im not looking to flash or anything fancy a long those lines ya know?

You wouldn’t happen to know the link for the FUJI products on Newegg would you? Sorry, im just a little worried from a bad burn experience (in another thread in this forum) and i’m looking to get better media.


If you want to burn Dual Layer DVDs then use DVD Decrypter. Other programs have had problems with burning DL DVDs especially at the layer break. I always use DVD Decrypter and never had any playback problems so far.


Thanks, and Dual Layer would pertain I assume to stuff like Widescreen and Full Screen?

Also, one of the dvd’s I burned yesterday showed up “smushed” on my tv screen when I was playing and was fine on my computer? Is that a dvd player settings or did I burn it wrong? I did a straight burn without any tweaking, etc.


Try this… I just ordered one this morning as the media forum’s guys seem to have some luck in getting YUDENT02 (which is probably one of the best money can buy)

Dual Layer has nothing to do with Widescreen or Full screen… it is the capacity of the disc. Normal Pressed DVD can have 2 layers on one side for a total of 8.5GB of data storage. Recordable DVD was only single layer for about 4.7GB. Recently, there is a new format DVD+R DL (Dual Layer), which your 3500A supports. These discs can hold all the data from a Pressed DVD disc without having to recompress or reedit the content…

How did you burn the disc? What was the source?



Just got my 3500 yesterday-

Do yourself a BIG favor and buy only Tayio Yuden media for your 3500-

The 8x -R’s burn at 12x and the 8x +R’s burn at 16x!!!

Probably the bestplace/price is at which like is a reliable vendor with good customer service

I got the 8x -R’s from Rima for $40 for cakebox of 50 + shipping =a VERY good price for Premium media-

Happy Burnin’



BIGMIKE: Thanks, got a link for newegg on that?

MINCHIN: I have VOB files on my pc, which I think place on to the DVD to burn. I am not doing direct copies of actual DVD’s.


I’ve heard that all the 100 packs of Fuji 8X DVD+R are either RICOHJPNR02 or YUDEN000T02. Its a win win :wink:


cool maybe i’ll invest in a few of these bad boys…hopefully they do better than the cheapo newegg’s, i probably had a bad batch…

but correct me if im wrong, if you were to open VOB files in DVDShrink without any errors after they were manipulated in VOBBlanker, then they should be able to burn without a hitch, correct?


How did you copy the VOB to HD? DVDDecrypter? Is it a single layer commercial DVD?
I would normally extract single layer DVD using DVDDecrypter’s ISO mode and just burn the image.
For dual layer stuff, I would use file mode and use DVDShrink to transcode to lower bitrate to fit the DVD_Rs. Never have problem…


burn the ISO? Don’t you have to extract the ISO and then burn .VOB files? Which is better, burning the VOB files directly or creating an ISO image and then burning?


Either way is the same really. Although I think there maybe was a bug that for single layer disc, copy the VOB then burn with Nero did not work for me. So if I need to copy a single layer disc, I would DVDDecrypte it in ISO mode and burn using DVDDecrypter or Nero burn image.
You extract the image as ISO file (say a single 3-4GB file). Then burn the file to a disc without any processing. However, this means you probably need to be using NTFS…


I have NTFS, so if I burn the files directly, or as an ISO without any processing (dunno what that means) it shuld be ok?


DVDDecrypter has 3 modes, one of which is ISO mode (try the top menu). Change to ISO->READ. Select Destination Drive of your HD… Decrypt. You will end up with 2 files, one is an XXXX.ISO, the other XXXX.MDS.
Open Nero -> Recorder -> Burn Image -> select the XXXX.ISO. Burn. That’s it.

For VOB, Select DVD Decrypter File Mode, Select Everything (for single layer disc), Select Destination Drive… Decrypt.
Open Nero -> New -> DVD Video. Select all the files in the step above, put it into the VIDEO_TS directory of the new compilation. Burn.

For Dual Layer, add DVDShrink to the VOB method… there are tons of reference everywhere… so go look up.