New 32/12/40 doesn't read any CD's!?

I just got a new 32/12/40 Lite-on burner as replacement for my died 24/10/40, but it doesn’t read any CD’s. I installed the drive, everything seemed to be going well (Bios detected the drive, Windows XP detected & installed the drive as CD-RW), but as soon as I inserted a CD (doesn’t matter what, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, music CD etc.), it doesn’t read it. The light blinks for about 10 seconds, after that it’s out and nothing happen.

I can order the drive to eject the tray from Windows, but that’s all.

Any ideas on this? I tried 2 PC’s, tried the drive on Primary Slave, Secondary Master and Secondary slave, with all the according jumpersettings, including Cable Select. Is the drive a DOA case?

Sorry but this really souds like a DOA.
All the circuits seam to work but it could be the laser power supply for example.
But you don’t care! Just run to the store and change it ASAP for a new one.