New 2510a read errors

Just bought a new 2510a with stock 2.15 firmware wrote my first disk a datasafe go4 at 4x

wrote fine but get read errors from nero cd speed and dvdinfo pro the errors start round about where the data finishes as it wasnt a full disk only about 3.2 gb

thing is the disk works fine all the way through in my pioneer dvd player

any ideas ?

nec is not a very good reader
if your disk works fine in pioneer drive or other dvd-rom reader then disk is ok

I have seen that happen before with a good burn. A few questions. Was the disk a DVD+RW? How did you burn it? Was it a multisession burn with disk not closed? More detail are needed on what you did to burn this disk.

-r not an rw

dist at once with nero 617

NEC didn’t do too good with the write strategies for crappy RitekG04 in the stock firmwares.
Herries’ hacked firmware does a better job using the RitekG05 strat.
Try Herries’ firmware.

won’t that invalidate my warranty on my 2 day old drive wescociety ?

Yes it would. If you don’t want to loose your warranty, don’t use Herries firmwares and don’t use RitekG04 media with your drive.