New 2510A firmware 2.F9





Thanx for the update. I wonder what’s new in the firmware?


Looks like they’ve added some meida support. My Infome R20 is now supported at 4X. I thought I’d give the firmware a shot, and dump it for Herrie. But it doesn’t look too good, so I’m going back to Herrie’s modded firmware :bow: .

That spike may not be real, Nero’s verification step passed. Also I’m used to PIE’s averaging around 10 with this media when burned at 4X.


I already sent it to Herrie. :wink:


Is there a RPC1/Non-Riplock Version of this Firmware around?


I’ve patched it now… Here

I won’t leave it long on my web place… so when ScorpioSoft puts it on his page I’ll remove the firmware.


Quikee2, I downloaded the file and will update my page within the hour.


Fine :slight_smile:

Does this Firmware do SL and DL Bitsetting?


yes, bitsetting for both SL and DL media


Nec 2500a FW 2.F9

Intenso DVD-R 8x FUJIFILM03


The Pi scan for the same media. Well, the maximum and average is better than with 2.F8 firmware but still not a very good scan.


Yeah ! 2.F9 for NEC 25x0 !

Thank you Wesociety ! And Quikee too…


Holy PIE’s Batman :stuck_out_tongue:
How good is that stuff at 4X? Have you tried Herrie’s firmware?


I tried diferent firmwares but i always got this kind of Pi scans with FUJIFILM03 media. Maybe my Nec doesn’t “like” this media. I will burn another disc but this time at 4x to tell the diference.


I never got good burns @ 8x on FUJI03. I always burn @ 4x and get a much better scan. Always been the way since the media came out.


waiting for Herrie



Quikee2 - I’m currently running an NEC ND-2100A@2510A using TDB’s 2.F8. Does your patched firmware have the 2100@2500 patch built into it? Or is this a moot point if I use binflash?

Also is the bitsetting for all +R formats {+R, +RW, +R9} or just +R and +R9?


Anyone know this?


@FearFactory - You are scanning in a DVD-Rom. The only thing a DVD-Rom drive can do for scanning discs for you is give you a rough estimate if that disc is good or not. Considering the disc is in the passable range i’d say that burn would be rather awesome when scanned on a BenQ / Plextor.

I’m not sure what drive eric93se scanned his disc in since Iv’e never seen that ID string or Firmware revision before but I’d assume that the drive has a MediaTek chipset in it since it’s not reporting Jitter at all. :wink:


Looks like an LG.