NEW 2510A firmware 2.16 out!

Hello everybody. Just wanted to let you all know that NEC has released 2.16 for the 2510A. Can’t wait for your “enhancements” for it! :wink:

Get it here


ND-2510A - What will be changed with firmware 2.16?

The DvD+R medias below will be recognized with firmware 1.07, but be
informed, they won`t be added to our list of recommend medias ,
because there is no guarantee for optimal burn results and performance.

Also there will be improved DvD+R9 compatibility in cooperation
with new release of Nero ( )

DvD+R9 ( Double Layer)

2,4x Ricoh


8x BeALL
4x MPO 8x
4x MBI 8x


4x MBI


8x CMC
8x RITEK (G Type)


4x RiTEK

Interesting :slight_smile:

Do we have any idea the difference between 2.06 and 2.16?

Checking now :wink:


I’ve just checked the writing strategy version numbers. They’re exactly the same as in 2.06, so there are no further improvements (DVD+R DL from RiTEK still isn’t supported, but RiTEK G05 is supported @8x officially now :slight_smile: )… NEC has only made it official now.

But it’s a nice find anyway, thank you! :wink:


thanks I think Legnerp may be right, nec just called 2.06 2.16 for the official release

Yep looks very much like a official release of V2.06 Ritek DL support would have been nice, guess we have to wait a bit longer :sad:

Nice find BTW Jolibee :iagree:

I had a feeling it was the same. Oh well, alteast 2.16 is greater than 2.15 (unlike 2.06) so no more confusing version numbering!


Also i would think 2.16 will windows flash right over 2.06 if you really wanted to do it, I my self if they are the same am just going to leave it till 2.17 shows up. no point in flashing when you dont have to

It says in the readme that it will only flash over 2.15 i aint tried it, as i have been getting great burns with 2.06.

Would be interesting to find out if it will flash over 2.06 though :slight_smile:

I’ve just made it to a .bin and flashed it in DOS over 2.06. As expected there are no problems. I think TDB will provide hacked binaries soon… :wink:

Cool :iagree:
I’d like to see something from Herrie based on this firmware as well.

Bed for me now, its late. nn all

I got 2.15 on dos disk so i can flash it to that then to 2.16, but its not in pc right now I had to make room for my new BenQ dw1600

nu tech 082 B375
pioneer 107d 1.18
BenQ 1600 B5G9
liteon 832 in firewire encloser

I have a 2500A with Herrie’s 1.07 DL beta 5… can I somehow upgrade to this? I want the 4x Optodisc DVD+RW support!
I’ve been out of the loop recently; I’ve been playing with my Lite-On 451S too much. :rolleyes:

How can I flash my HP420i (currently using HP 1.28 firmware) with NEC 2.16?

Is it worth it?

you will loose bitsetting stock nec fw does not bitset

What booktype does 2.16 set on DVD+R DL’s?

If it is really a “renamed” 2.06 (as it seems to be, even the date is the same), it will set DVD+R DL booktype to DVD-ROM by default. It is not able to change the booktype on single layer discs!

can anyone give me a download link to 2.15 so i can switch to 2.16

i just prefer having “official firmwares” :slight_smile:

i am using 2.06 at the moment and the writes I am getting with it are far superior to 2.15.

You can download the 2.15 binaries and the DOS flasher from The Dangerous Brothers. I think the 2.16 binaries will show up there soon, too… :slight_smile: