New 2510 v205C firmware!

Yes, you read it right. There is a new 2510 (Dell) firmware released. See also here:

You can directly download it from my NEC firmware site (see link in signature). Have fun :bigsmile:

I sold mine to the neighbor. He doesn’t care about f/w’s just as long as it works with his media but will download just in case. Thanx

Great news. Thanks for the heads-up!

Does this really mean that it’s for Dell’s NEC-2510’s only or can I just use BinFlash to bypass the Dell-only-installer?

Anyone know if this supports bitsetting on DVD+/-R and +R DL? I see ScorpioSoft’s page says no bitsetting on +RW.

UPDATE: Nevermind, I just checked ScorpioSoft’s page and it’s got all the info now. :doh:

I flashed L&D version to my nec2500@2510 and it seemed working allright, I’ll post a scan later.

If you can load it in binflash it will bypass the Dell-only installer.

At last! :smiley: but im going to wait for a bitsetting version.

The original download from Dell can be opened in Winzip and there you will find the normal NEC installer. This version can be found on my page along with the Liggy/Dee version.

Great! there’s already a Liggy/Dee version with bitsetting, downloading now. hmm bitsetting only on DVD DL media, im goint to wait for a SL bitsetting version.

Only differences 2.0c vs 2f9:
dvd-r 1.42f vs 1.41f
dvd+r 1.41f vs 1.40f

still no support for ritekf1, but many 16x MID’s are supported.

Scan FUJIFILM03 here:

yeah, no changes on RW media :rolleyes: