New 24x recorder: Mitsumi CD-ReWriter CR 4809 TE

I just posted the article New 24x recorder: Mitsumi CD-ReWriter CR 4809 TE.

Bloke from MitsumiCDR used our newssubmit to tell us that Mitsumi has released a new 24 speed CD recorder called the Mitsumi CD-ReWriter CR 4809 TE.

This drive is able to write at 24 speed,…

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He forgot to tell you its supposed to also ship with a 16MB buffer. Crazy shit eh?

16 meg buffer is sweet! Regardless of how good burn proof stuff is always better to have continious burn!

Does Exaclink need to be turned on like burnproof, or is passive like seamless link?

Hi! I have mitsumi 4804Te and it is old but is it really good! Now 24x Mitsumi sounds like sweet! exaclink is passive mode buffer underrun preventation menthod, but 16Mb buffer is good!

16Mb, DAMN. I remember, 5 years ago, that’s how much memory my whole computer had for main memory. Now they’re just dumping it into burners as a buffer. I’m gettin old :slight_smile:

Yea, but can it do SD2? if it can then i’ll have one please.

lol… probably not. you kids and your damn SD2.

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