New 2.5 firmware Problems on Optorite

I have an Optorite DD0201 that is making me crazy. The drive works fine using the 2.3 flash, but many of the copies won’t read all the way through. I would like to upgrade to the 2.5, but that is where the problems start. When I flash to 2.5 the drive works fine with CD’s and will read a DVD, but it will not write to a DVD using any of the software I have tired. I can reflash back to 2.3 and it works again. I have tried CloneDVD, Nero 6, and a few others, but it won’t ever start to write. I get an error 10 something with CloneDVD. My system is P4 2 ghz, winXP, 512 ram, two 80 gig hd’s. I have tried to get help from the Optorite site, but none has come. Thanks for any help, or suggestions.

I get the same error with clone dvd when I first try to burn a dvd. The error is suuposed to mean a problem with the media. (U have the dd0201 w/2.50 firmware)

If I do a shutdow/restart and then try again it will birn the dvd. I can do several in a row with no problems.

The shut down and restart doesn’t help me. It still won’t write. With 2.3 I sometime have it just stop writing and give no error. I have to shut my machine down and restart before I can start again. This can happen if I first burn to HD then to DVDR or straight to DVDR. I have tried different media, but no change. Thanks for the reply.

exactly the same problem mate!
will burn dvd backups fine through nero, but with dvdclone2 its a no go with error 10
it wont backup my xbox games either with 2.50 f/w and its starting to p*** me right off
any news on it?

I sent an email to Optorite support and they say that they will have to give this problem to their engineers. Said to just stay with 2.3 for now. They don’t however have any idea as to why it just sometimes stops in the middle of a burn. They did respond and seem to be looking into the problem.

I’m using the 2.5 firmware now and seem no problem with CD-R/RW, haven’t tried DVD yet.
BTW, anyone tried to flash the firmware to DD0401? Is that possible or just my imagination?