New 2.0e 500ax firmware

Is there any way to apply this without having to remove the intel application accelerator? That thing is pretty sensitive about the order it gets installed along with the intel INF package. According to intel the app. accelerator is supposed to go on before you load other drivers for your system. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the idea of having to remove it before I put the new firmware on there and then have to reinstall it… :confused:

Why can’t they just let me apply it with a boot floppy?


I took a clone (ghost) of my disc drive, then rebooted and removed intel app. accelerator/shut off DMA. Firmware upgrade went fine, ghosted back over and all is well.

I haven’t had any problems with taking Intel AA off.

I am also still able to burn at 4x with my E5 Ritek’s from Lynx.