New 1693S!




I have to say that i’m a happy owner of a new 1693S drive wich i bought yesterday!I would like to ask where i can get a KSO4-FW?Beacuse on site is not possible to get this one!?

Thnx in advance!


You can get KS04 here;

But it has problems with C2 errors in CDs. I would recommend KS09.


Right than!I have seen people with KSO4 and good quality scans with this FW.


I have KS09 and I find it very good on my media choices, better than KS04 for DVDs. Your choice, though.


I have 25 of Fuji-R and 25 of Fuji-TY+R medias left, wich of these two FW will be better for those kind of medias???


What media code, Fuji varies.