New 1693S drive now what?

Ok I’ve updated to the firmware KS0B stock is their anything else I should do to this drive to improve on performance or burn capability like a better made hacked firmware out there or that? Or is the stock pretty reliable and solid for good quality burning?


You may want to use the Omnipatcher to improve upon reading/ripping speeds-


i had to use omnipatcher to gain 4x speeds on MCC003 (8x +R) discs as the firmware only caters for 6x and 8x by default - very strange :doh:

mcc003 are 8x discs and they have better quality burnt @8x, why would anyone burn them @4x?

you can flash to KC3B firmware.

i thought there was a KC3B out there…

as to 4x, that’s what i prefer to stick to…and have done for 2000+ movie burns…

great results…ps i’m not into burn quality - i’m into “they either work or they don’t” - ie 100% consistent/watchable discs is all that matters. one of my drives manages 8x fine but i only do that now and then.

I wouldn’t want to burn decent 8X media at 4X.
The media should be burned at it’s rated speed, the burn quality is usually better as there are fewer errors than burning at speeds below it’s rated speed.

I would not advocate this practice unless you were having problems with the media.

as per normal when i (rarely) visit cdfreaks, i’ll agree to disagree slightly. i have no problems with my media, and i prefer to stick to 4x for my burns.

@ creaky

Load your firmware in OmniPatcher and look at the ist of supported media. You will see that most of the supported + media burnspeed start at 6x (1673 and 1693). Burning at a lower speed is not supported and can lead to burning coasters.

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2000+ burns at 4x on a Sony DRU-700A served me well :smiley:

i’d have thought a 1693S would support an old speed such as 4x, nicely…

It seems every generation of drives the speed goes up a little. The general slowest speed with my 832 was 2.4x, with the 1633/53 series 4x, and now in the 1673/93 series it’s 6x. I agree, I like burning at 4x too, but I’m sure you’ll see that your drive will perform well with 6x speed. And the current media is made for that higher speeds!

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i have usually preferred to stick to 4x though one of my drives does work well at 8x, so i’ve been slowly weaning myself off 4x. but on the other drive i’ve had problems during the lead-in at 8x so am keeping an eye on that (they’re both new drives)

At the moment i’m using Verbatim TY (TYG02) - lots of them, so it’s not like i’m using bum media…i suppose i might switch to 8x, but only if i get consistent results…

Alcohol has a problem with most recent liteon drives and many of the 3S firmwares and -R media. This has nothing to do with burning speed capability. Its problems with the software itself. Nero doesn’t have that same issue (although I don’t do movies, anyway…) I believe another DVD movie burner software (don’t remember what) has the same problem with -R firmwares and the leadin at higher than 4x…

cheers for the heads up, however i haven’t got Alcohol installed

my previous reply was incomplete, i meant to add that i use Nero, and not Roxio and use Verbatim - and +media, also heavily use Verbatim TY (TYG02) media…