New 1693--First scans!



Just got this 1693 Retail from the Egg yesterday. Here’s the very first scans. Note: Interestingly, w/my Verbatim MCC 003 8x media, CD Speed reported that the disk could be burned only 6x-8x w/the Lite-on drive. Other drives I have can burn that medial up to 16x (tho I don’t do that), and as low as 2.4x (as I recall, I’ll have to doublecheck that). This is my first Lite-on among my fleet of 5 DVD burners, so those of you who know more about their drives cn advise me why they limit the burning speeds on this media to such a narrow range. At any rate, I burned the “Create Data Disk” at 6x.

Anyway, here ya go:


Nice burn :). Supposedly some media in the latest drives burn better at the higher speeds, so they are removing the lower speeds, which are not required. It’s also less strategies they have to write ;). T02 is a good example of this as it does not usually burn well at 4x but can burn perfectly at 8x and up to 16x.

BTW, make sure you save your scans as .PNG format. They display much better :wink:


Some scans from burns on SOHW-1693S (fw. KS04) on various media (all scans at 8x to same scale PIE 300/PIF 10):

Bulkpaq DVD-R 8x (CMC MAG.AE1) @ 8x:


Datawrite DVD-R 8x (Prodisc F01) @ 8x:


Maxell DVD-R 8x (MXL RG03) @ 8x:


Plextor DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000 T02) @ 8x:


Verbatim DVD-R 16x (MCC 03RG20) @ 8x:


Maxell DVD-R 16x (MXL RG04) @ 16x:


Verbatim DVD-R 16x (MCC 03RG20) @ 16x:


So here is my first 1693 burn.
Actually I have it 4 weeks :o but I use it only fors scans…

Philips +R 8x



I’m posting the results of two burns of MCC 004 (Verbatim 16x DVD+R) done on my new SOHW-1693S. The first burn was @16x, and the second was at 12x.

I noticed a PIE spike at ~1GB on both burns. Can anyone explain this? I’m wondering if this is maybe some problem with the burner (just received 2 days ago), since I get the same spike on 2 different DVDs?


PS. Off-topic, but I can’t figure out how to insert these images into my post :(. That’s why I am linking them. Can someone explain how to do this?

MCC004 - Burned @ 16x on SOHW-1693S (KS04):

<A href=>Burn @ 16x</A><BR>
<A href=>Scan</A><BR>

MCC004 - Burned @ 12x on SOHW-1693S (KS04):

<A href=>Burn @ 12x</A><BR>
<A href=>Scan</A><BR>


most of the test performed here were done with a NEC firmware if i read the charts correctly.
Or am I totally wrong ?


they were done with a nec drive…


ah, ok,
then what are they doing in a Lite-On 1693 thread then? :wink:

Beside Halcyon say: “Some scans from burns on SOHW-1693S (fw. KS04)” so i dont really understand why his drive is displayed as a NEC.

Is it some kind of firmware hack?

Oh, i think i understand. These were dvd burned on the lite-on, but the check was done on a NEC drive, right?

sorry, its pretty hot here today and it affect my brain ^^


Why scanning with Nec 3540 and not with Liteon? You can also use Kprobe to post some results. I am curious if they will be the same


So here is the KProbe scan from media in post #10.


most of these scans seems pretty good to me.
so why did i hear all around that Lite-On were quite bad recently?
is the 1693 much better compared to the previous models ?


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Attach your file-after saving it with kprobe-and upload it.
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Good Luck!


yes, the 1693s is much better compared to the previous 3s drives. but all liteons are good with quality media like mcc, yuden and ricohjpn.


hmm … cuz … i saw scans and i thinking about replace my 1673s whit 1693s :S, 1 i will w8 … maybe new FW will made 1673 … better quality :S