New 1673S firmware produces worse kprobe results



Using JS05 and earlier firmware gives me very low PI/PIF error rates when scanning MCC02. However using JS07 and KS04 (1693s cf firmware) to kprobe the same media causes in some cases an 10x increase in PI rates. I do not see this effect for AML-002 or Ritek R03 media. Any ideas? :confused:


Yes, I saw your other posts :wink: but I was waiting to see if anyone else confirmed the same thing.

Your scan in the new firmware thread shows JS07 producing the better result, yet here you say both JS07 and KS04 produce worse results. Which is it and is it repeatable? The JS05 to JS07 can be reported to Liteon but the JS07 to KS04 cannot. :wink:

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That JS07 scan I could never get again, which leads me to believe it was a fluke. I get consistently poorer results with JS07 (and KS04, both seem to be the same) on MCC02 media, but not Ritek media (because the PI scans are consitently bad on all firmware, not that they are good media!)