New 1673S/1693S firmware: JS0C and KS0A

hmm not a very good burn with a maximum Pif equal to 5 …

Yes. Do a search for ‘change scanning interval cd speed’.

I’ve already done it for my 3520 and it works, but it doesn’t work for the 1693.

I’ve ahem had this firmware since… 30 mins or so after it was finished, that means over a month…

I’m pretty pleased with the 1693S drive with this firmware. CD-R writing and 16x DVD+R writing still needs improving though.

The scan is 8/8 ecc

ProdiscF02 16x DVD-R at 16x.
Verbatim MCC03RG20 16x DVD-R at 16x.
TYG03 16x DVD-R at 16x.
Daxon016S 16x DVD-R at 16x.

RitekG05 8x DVD-R at 8x.
Ritek.R03 (Revision 001) 8x DVD+R at 8x - no problems and the result is among the better I’ve had with this media.
RitekF1 16x DVD-R at 16x
Prodisc.R04 16x DVD+R at 16x.

upgraded… with the omnipatched firmware :bow:
tomorrow i’ll try to burn something…

WOW! These are some of the best results I’ve seen in a LONGGGG time from a stock LiteOn firmware.
16x burns with good quality? w00t!

can anyone who has codeguys unscrambled 1673S JS0C firmware upload it to, say, please. the codeguys site is down for a couple days.

See the announcement at the top of the forum…

sure, i read it, but i was hoping someone might still have the firmware and…as per my post.

:disagree: If you had read the announcement, then you would have seen the link to the mirror site… Please read the announcement again, carefully.

With JS0B I have written a RITEK R03 (brand Fuji) at 4x. KProbe scan was pretty good while the Nero CD/DVD scan with my Nec 3540 (at 5x) was orrible (other discs written with LiteOn are very good, so isn’t a Nec problem).
In fact, the movie skip in my (good) standalone player.
Sometimes Kprobe give good result but the disc quality is poor.
Have you scan the disc in another drive (BenQ or Nec)? :slight_smile:

Some are not happy with Lite-on scans on newer drives saying they drop too many samples so are not giving an entirely accurate scan. I’ve kinda got to liking Benq scans recently. OK 8ECC is not accurate either but NEC scans are erratic since some NEC’s are bad scanners.

I usually scan my discs twice, first on my LiteOn 1653S and then on my BenQ 1620. The results are usually pretty similar, with the differences being fairly negligible… My 1693S tends to report less errors than my 1653S, but it’s not that much less (I estimate about 20% less? It’s not a lot in the greater scheme of things), and it still picks up on all the important patterns (e.g., areas where errors are higher), like my 1653S and 1620, so I haven’t had any problems scanning with these “new” drives.

That’s strange:

My 1693S repports twice as much errors than my 1653S.
But my Benq 1620 and my 1693s repport about the same amount of errors.
So when I want to feel good about my burns I use my 1653S to scan it. When I am looking for a reason to change my drive, I use my BenQ…
Anyway I don’t know which one to trust, because sometimes my Benq repports so much errors on medias burnt with both my Liteons that they should logically not be readable… yet they work great on my very picky Westwood standalone.

Here are scans done of the same disc from my previous post, but done on a 3520 and a Benq 1620

Is there any reason why the Benq scan is so much different? Could it be that it’s alignment is slighly different to the 1693 and 3520? Te strange thing is that it does the same for discs written on the 3520, but only the part of the disc written at 6X. The rest of the scan is perfect.

Just got a SOHW 1693S and want to know is this the best firmware to use

KS0A ?

as ever sc00terx :bigsmile: