New 1655 won't see DVD's or write CD's

I just took delivery on a retail 1655 from Newegg that I got to have as backup if my 1650 ever died. I swapped it out with the 1650 to try it.

It will read all types of CD’s. I can boot from a CD with it. But Nero fails when trying to burn to CD, although a simulated burn with CDspeed shows no problems. It won’t recognize any sort of DVD - pressed, burned, or blank.

I’ve read the sticky about ODD’s not recognizing discs and tried those suggestions. Still I’m hoping someone might have some other trick for making it work. Or, failing that, some recent experience with RMA-ing through BenQ in the US - I’m wondering what I’d get and how long it would take.

Also, has anyone ever got Newegg to cover return shipping on defective items?