New 1650 coasters nearly 1/3 of DVD+R's burned - is something wrong?

Burning 33 DVD+R’s in my new OEM BenQ DW1650 has resulted in 10 discs with write or read failures. Is this typical for a BenQ 1650 or is it defective? I’m trying to decide whether to return the drive. My previous burner, an NEC ND1100A, didn’t fail during write or produce discs with read errors on the same batches of media or any others I’ve used, and the majority of reviews at Newegg claim they’ve experienced no coasters with their 1650’s.

Another thing that has me wondering is the noise it makes. I wouldn’t say it’s loud but it’s high pitched and makes a sort of scritchy/chirpy noise when solidburn, WOPC or Qscan are active, yet the majority of reviews at Newegg mention this models quietness.

Only 2 of the 10 failed burns were attempts at burning over the disc’s rated speed. 2 of the remaining failures were from burning at the rated speed by using the OverSpeed feature when BenQs firmwear would limit burns to the next speed under with OverSpeed switched off. Another failure resulted from underspeeding, so half of the failures were in discs burned at their top rated speed (OS off) in BenQ’s firmware. I’ve tried burning with different Qsuite features in various combinations but I don’t see any pattern in the failures as far as these are concerned either.

I have tried using three different official BenQ firmwares - BCFC, BCDC, and finally BCHC. All produced some coasters.

19 of the burned discs were Playo 8X DVD+R - AML 002 bought from Staples. The BCFC fw limits burns on this to an actual 4X no matter which Qsuite features are switched on or off. BCDC limits burns on this media to an actual 4X only when OverSpeed is switched off. I only burned one AML 002 disc with OverSpeed and SolidBurn for Known switched off with BCHC and that actually burned at 2.4X though I’d set it to burn at 8X. Switching on OverSpeed with BCHC allows up to actual 16X speed burns on AML 002. There were a total of 6 coasters with this media - 2 with write errors (one at 8X one at 4X), 4 with read errors (one at 8X three at 4X). One successful burn at an actual 8X with this media.

13 discs were Staples 8X DVD+R - CMC MAG E01. There were a total of 4 coasters with this media - all with write errors (two at 12X, one at 8X and one at 4X). One successful overspeed burn at 12X with this media.

I’ve burned one Verbatim 8X DVD+R - MCC 003 successfully.

All of the successful burns seem OK with CD/DVD-Speed QS at 92 to 97 and total PIF’s in the 1K to 10K range (median ~2.5K).

Anyone have similar experience with these media and the 1650? Do you think this drive is defective? Would you send it back? I can only exchange it for the same model, so if this is typical performance for this drive there wouldn’t be any point to returning it.

You need to use decent media, Playo discs are generally regarded as useless around here. Try some Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, as you said, the 1 Verbatim you burned was successful!

I expected Disc Quality scans to be poor with the Playo - which they aren’t on the unfailed burns. But I didn’t expect write or read failures from any discs burnt in the BenQ as it has such a good reputation and I’ve never had any write or read failures on about the same number of Playo and Staples discs burned in my old 4X NEC DVD+writer.

What confuses me is the good quality (according to scans) of the successful burns on poor quality media combined with a high rate of failures with my new BenQ. Scans of discs burned in my old NEC show lower quality and occassionly also fluctuating transfer graphs but no actual failures or POF.

NEC drives are known to handle CMC coded discs better than most others. The only real success I have had with a Benq drive and CMC discs were the HP lightscribe 8x+R’s with the same MID as your Staples branded.

Try some Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim discs. In the long run they are considerably cheaper due to better quality, longer longevity, and alot fewer reburns.

Got my 1650 a few weeks ago and was very unhappy with its performance. Sitting on the shelf now…replaced with TSST-S182D. Nice drive.

I totally agree. :iagree:
When it takes three discs to get one good burn,
you are not saving any money by buying cheap
media. I know - I learned the hard way. :bigsmile:

The Playo discs giving coasters is no suprise.

But I’ve burnt lots of CMCMAG E01 discs in my 1650 without any problem. Some were even Datawrite branded…!

So either your Staples CMC are really awful, or your drive is defective. It would be a good idea to perform a “disc quality” (scan) test with CDSpeed with a couple of your successful CMC discs, setting the speed @8X, and post the graph here (“how to” link in my sig :wink: ).

I had a 1640 unit producing the same noises as your 1650, and it died very fast. The issue was my power supply. Benq drives seem to be rather sensitive to the quality of the PS…

So you think the noise I describe could indicate that it’s not functioning up to par. No one else has commented on the noise. I take it your 1650 doesn’t make the noises then. Did your 1640 make the sounds from the first or did it take a while to show up? how long did the drive last? Do all you other guys have 1650’s that make the same sort of sounds? As I said the noise isn’t loud and it was there from the first time I used it.

Here are disc quality scans of one of the 2nd best and worst burns with CMC - I won’t bother posting the transfer graphs as they were all fairly smooth arcs and all look the same. Also the Qscans at 8X for the same discs (the tracking error graph for the best disc exceeds the limit at one point, but still it was the closest to the limit of all speeds available with overburn). All Qsuite features were switched on for burning both discs.

While I’m at it, here are burn graphs and Qscan for a failed burn with the CMC and the burn graph of a successful burn on a disc with a similar looking Qscan (same as the worst quality scan above)

I have burned 1075 CMC E01 disk with 1.302% coasters. I would think this media is not your problem. Of course I never try to burn faster then the rated speed and usually slower then the rated speed.
My BenQ is the DW1655 which is the same as yours but plus light scribe.
The drive is a little noisier than my GSA H10N and GSA 4163B.

Your 2nd scan is typical of what I have gotten with my 1655 with this media (non-Lightscribe discs). I just decided to use TY as my primary media, and Verbatim and Ricoh JPN000R02’s as secondary. CMC is now only for temporary storage or testing a new drive (in hope that I will find one that burns it well, mainly). If push comes to shove though I will trash it to make room for better media and take the financial loss.

Mine gives my those “scritchy/chirpy” noises with WOPC enabled.

Hello Francksoy and the other users.

This comment is quite interesting as i noticed also this kind of noise on my 1640(never turned WOPC off…will try if it change something, but i could swear that it will because often i’m listening noise just before i get a drop in write transfer rate speed).

Would like to have some more comments of you Francksoy regarding the power supply. I think i can strip down the “lost” of 4 LG drives to the malfunction of the power supply of an external closure i used to use those days. Really cheap bad thing.
So i have my drive since a 3/4 year now and i can confirm that the noise got more with the time.

Am i a victim of an possible insufficient power supply ? How can i check that ? May it still help to upgrade to a more powerful supply or isn’t there any solution to undo a “damaged” drive ?


I’ve learned the easy way : join cdfreaks :clap:

You’re very wise. :iagree: :bigsmile:

Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to reply.

I’ve concluded that overspeeding is the major cause for my coasters and not a bad drive. I geuss the lowered limits in BenQ’s most recent fw’s should’ve been a clue on the AML 002. In light of that I suppose writing Playo 8X discs at 8x can be considered overspeeding as well. One thing I’ve observed is that the graphs of tracking error in Qscan usually rise up towards the end of the disc on the better quality MID’s. With AML 002 it’s more likely to peak somewhere in the middle with no consistency and I suppose that means that SolidBurn is then unable to compensate for it. But I’m not going to give up using cheap discs - I’ll just keep OverSpeed switched off and burn them slower.

The noises I was worried about are relatively quiet and I geuss a lot of people wouldn’t notice depending on the loudness of their rigs or surroundings. I had a little too much caffine over a couple of days and that probably exaggerated my awareness of them too. I’ve since become aware that the drive is very quiet writing at 2.4X, which is what I’d gotten used to with my old NEC which writes all 8X media at that speed. On looking into, it I also think my PS is sufficient for my setup and I don’t have any of the other symptoms of insufficient PS such as the drive not recognizing discs. So I’ve decided the drive is probably alright after all and there’s no need to go to the trouble of exchanging it.

I need to correct the information in my original post about the speed limits for AML 002 in BenQ’s firmware so I don’t mislead anyone.
BCDC limits actual writing to 4X with OverSpeed switched off and allows actual writing at 4 to 16X when OverSpeed is switched on.
BCFC limits actual writing to 4X whether OverSpeed is switched on or off.
BCHC limits actual writing to 2.4X with OverSpeed switched off and to 4X when it’s on.

Back when Staples had the Playo discs on sale I bought a few spindles. I was quite plesently surprized for find that the scans were every bit as good as TY. Some were even better. The Playos were burned at 8 times. I only use the Playos for discs that I am not concerned if they should fail later, since we really cannot assume a long life on these cheap discs. While using one spindle I did notice that I got about 10 bad discs in a row. While the TYs were fine burning the same files. Bottom line as everyone says, get TY for important backups.

Cabo. My simple answer is out of over a dozen different media the benq burns them all. Junk may not be as good as the top tier but almost always a passable burn to excellent. And it burns every media so far better than my liteon, btc, nec 2510 and nec 3550. The benq adaptive ability on a working drive is amazing.