New 1635S official firmware: YS0W!

As usual…match more media. :rolleyes:

Thanks QuiCo and mognegna

First burn with YS0W - MCC003 @ 8x :slight_smile:

Why they don’t something to 16H5…

burns on cmc +r was worst had a spike that was pretty maror 3/4 ways though sony -r seems the same

ritekr03 write with 8x

Derick, nice burn. :slight_smile:

FYI, scan speed should be set to 8x. :wink:

CK, you read Chinese? :wink:

Hehe, no, I first saw “Max” in the KProbe scan and then in the Nero graph ending at 12x. :wink:

:doh: How to set to 8x in Kprobe2.5.1

but is very awfull to write to dvd+rw, I have Memorex 2.4x dvd+rw.

same disk and same data. Number 1 writes with 1635s, number 2 writes with pl-712a