New 1635s and Troubles

Ive just recently upgraded from a Pioneer ao8 to a liteon1635s and using ritekG05 media, ive never had any problems with this combo

Upon using my new drive ive found this media to burn ok and get a quality score of 84-95 on my litenon, but my xbox refuses to read the media to play a dvd, also while watching a movie burnt with this drive it gets all chopping 3/4 through the movie

Ive upgraded to latest firmware, also ive burnt the same movie with a TDK -r RW and the movie on a DVD player is awful

A nero scan doesnt show any bad curves on the graph to indicate any bad playback, its pretty nice.

ANy suggestions out there other than getting better media (though i have 200 spare discs)


i am having the same problem.
i just bought the 1635s and use ritek dvd-r’s 8x with dvd-shrink. with my old lite-on i never had a problem with my dvd’s skipping on movies and now it happens every couple of mintutes in the movies.
could it be we should user dvd+r’s???

anyone have any ideas??? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I moved this thread from the LiteOn standalone forum to the LiteOn DVD burner forum, as this ain’t a standalone drive that goes under the TV. :wink:

Crap… I was going to ask if ritek 8+ -r media … but i see people are having problems with that to… I have some prodisk -r 8+ media and having same issues… Movies burn fine … playing they freeze. snd skip… updated to latest firmware and know they play in my ps2 but not dvd player…?

Anyone have any idea of which media is the best…?

If you guys haven’t done so, read the review and check out which available brands can work for you. Here is the start of the +R tests.

Did you guys check out the older thread on this topic, its in the Lite-On forum under DVD Burners? Anyone who has an older burner, check the discs made with that one compared to a recent burn with the Litey. Some folks are experiencing problems where the burn starts further from the center than it should, with -R media. +R media appears to burn fine, but there are still playback issues.

I have similar problems. I have a 1635s that came running the YSON firmware. My friend has a lite-on that is roughly 1 year old at least. Anything he burns runs perfect in all my dvd players and my x-box. Anything i burn, be it a movie ripped from the original, or a copy of my friends copy takes ages to play in one dvd player if it plays at all, and pixilates and goes out of sync on my other dvd player. And i have also noticed that the burn starts further out on the disc. I have tried ritekg05 and CMC media. I havent tried +R media. Is there a solution to this problem other than spend a fortune trying different media? Or am i better off trying a different burner? I want to use pritable media.

I hate to say me too, but I am also having the same exact problem you guys described. Mine is a Sony reflashed with Liteon firmware. As far as I can recall, it worked fine for a while on Ritek G04 8X DVD-R medias. I have since gone to G05 16X medias and thought that was the problem, but went back to 8X didn’t help.

Hopefully this is not some hardware issue…

well i think it probable is. what is the exact firmware you flashed it to? Unless there is a firmware that will correct it i cant see a way round it.

I think this is quite a big cockup on the part of Lite-on. Seeing as though ritekg05 discs are used so commonly in the uk. Was the 1635s replaced quite quickly? i wonder how far this problem goes.

I should have looked more carefully before posting. Mine is actually a 1633@1653, not a 1635. My bad. I apologize if this caused any confusion.

G04 is 4x rated DVD-R, not 8x!
G05 quality is so so, you can have luck but mostly you’ll get crap.

Visit and you will believe.

Ok, have read the old thread about media write quality and it looks like the 1635s does have issues with writing Ritekg05, but should be ok with datawrite titanium (CMC). I have used them with the same code as tuffdisc (CMC.MAG.AE1) but still had the same problem with playability on dvd players and i still have the issue of the burn starting further in the disc than my friends old lite-on. I am running firmware YSON. I only burn at 4X

ok, have downloaded firmware ysow. min (yson) was a really old version so why i had that im not sure. Should i flash it and see if it makes a difference?

You shouldn’t have upgraded FROM pioneer :slight_smile: