New 1633 writing cd's

Just replaced my lg drive with a 1633 retail new drive.

Writing a tdk dvd was ok, used ±r and both were ok

However writing cd’s is another story. My sony disks will fail or write with many errors.

Tried TDK’s snd they also are intermittant as well. Both media burned fine in a lg or sony drive.

Upgraded the firmware to the latest, but that did not help.

I am returning the drive.

Any sugestions on a reliable burner that will handle cd’s&dvd -+r disks.

Don’t think I’ll get another lite on.

Get a BENQ 1620A or pro.

get a Plextor PX-716A.

I neeed to be able to change the rom bit with k probe, what other recorders do that?

@ jerryray
Which 16x DVD writer should I buy?

Re: ::: Good Brand/Media ID for 1633s, 1653s (All 3s) Drive :::

<HR style=“COLOR: #d1d1e1” SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Who Said Lite-On 3s Drive can’t burn good CD-R…??

CD-R Media Report Form

Media Name: HP CD-R 48x
Media Type: CD-R 48x
Media Code: CDR (A-) , 2575755:2575755 [Unknown Manufacturer]
Media text on top: HP CD-R 48x
Media color on top: Silver & Blue
Dye Colour (Bottom): Silver Lite Green
Media packing: 50 pcs Cake Box
Text On Packing: HP CD-R 48x
Media made in country: Made In Taiwan
Burnt with: LiteOn 1633s@1653s(CS09)
Burning reliability: Very Good
PC reliability: Very Good
DVD reliability: Very Good
Game console reliability: Good

Your Burning comments:
Software Use: Nero Burn ROM @ 24x
Works fine on: Daytek P871
Works fine on: Sony PS2 30001
Not works on:

Additional Info:
Error: 0
CI Max: 19
CI Avg: 0.52
C2 Max: 0
C2 Avg: 0
Put anythings related if you want.

Price: $24.99 Cdn / 50 pcs Cake Box
Purchased from: TigerDirect
On Sell: No

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Yeah who said the 1633s couldn’t write good CD-R’s here is a K-Probe of some
CMC CD-R disks that I picked up on sale at Walmart a while back for something
like $14.00 or less for 100 disks. The disk was scanned at 8x.

I’ve had the same CD burn problems at full speed of 48X; discs were skipping near the middle. After reading something online about slowing CD burn speeds to 1/3 of Max speed, the burns were very good at 16X and 24X.