New 1620 Shows As "Atapi" Not As A "BenQ"


Just installed my new 1620-

Several things-

Shows as an “ATAPI” in Nero InfoTools not as a BenQ

Firmware shows as G7Z9 and trying to flash to B7V9 - the flasher says that I am trying to flash to the wrong firmware-

Any help here - would be appreciated-



That just means it’s an OEM BenQ…crossflash w/ B FW to make it say BenQ.





Go here:

DL the WinDWFlasher and CVT file of your choice (EG: B7P9 or B7T9)

Load CVT into flasher and reboot.


Go here: Official BenQ FW

DL Official FW of your choice (B7P9, B7T9, B7U9) and flash your drive.

Note: if you want to use MCSE on your drive, to boost the pressed DL ripping speed to 16x MAX, do this:

Load official BenQ FW (after doing Step #1!!!) into MCSE program (

Then CHECK OFF “increase read speed” checkbox and hit Save. Then flash as normal and reboot.

NOTE: Always flash with your drive EMPTY.

Nice Ma_Jie. One more FAQ answered. (If we just had a BenQ FAQ…)

@ bigmike7, welcome to BenQ camp. I hope you will have lot of joy and a happy drive.
Feed it with quality and you will get the BEST quality. :bigsmile:

BTW, latest firmware **V9 is also pretty good.

will a benq faq ever happen :confused:

it doesn’t seem that hard to setup :eek:

i’m sure there are alot of guys here who would be more then happy to write one :iagree:


Thanks for all the help - and SO fast too!!

Everything worked out ok and just like the directions-

However the 1620 is transcoding a movie right now and is at only 65% at 45 minutes - so it doesn’t appear that the “increase read speed” worked very well-

Maybe I need to reflash it - what do you think?

Thanks again-


Hmmm, a few possiblities,

  1. Your CPU is pegged at 100% and your DVD transcoding cannot simply go any faster.

  2. You didn’t enable increase read spead in the firmware you crossflashed. Just tick the box increase read spead when you load the firmware into MSCE and then save it. Flash the saved firmware to your drive.


Removed the hacked MCSE firmware and redid the whole thing - then reflashed - and with a 7.8gb pressed disc - the damn BenQ hit a peak 14.25x with an average of 10.92x and a read time of 9.36 minutes which compares to the AOpen 1648/aap Pro’s peak of 12.92x with an average of 9.76x and a read time of 10.45 minutes-

This thing is smokin’

Just hope that it lasts-

Time will tell-

Now for more tests-


Mike, welcome to the benq forum. I see that your enjoying your new drive. Would like to see some smoking burns and scan from you…:iagree:

Look around for cool threads here and have fun!


Just posted my first two tests here:

The results are less than what I expected-

Maybe I should use a different firmware - like B7P9 - ?

Any advise would be appreciated-


Interesting, PIEs are pretty low but PIFs are quite bad.
It’s worth trying T9, though my experience suggests continuous block of PIFs with low PIEs are usually originated from some external problems such as dusts and fingerprints.

yo jk736-

These discs were new from the cakebox - so the fingerprint and dust thing just isn’t a factor - since these were test discs created in the CD-Speed 3.80 program-

Am burnin’ some new test discs using the T9 - we’ll see how they come out-

Thanks for all of the replies folks-


mike: quick ques, what kinda tys are they ???


I would switch to the V9 firmware. I have seen a big improvement in -R and I have seen others MCC 003 that is very good.

he was using the V9 just now, thats what gave him the ropey results. Somebody else suggested using the T9… So test that, if its better than stick with it.


They are 8x +R T02’s from


I just got a new 1620 pro from newegg just like mike.
Question, why does benq release 2 types of fw for the same drive??
drive came with g7z9, can understand first letter being a g for generic and b for benq, but why g7z9 for generic and b7v9 for benq?

I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe that just shows they have excellent firmware support.

At any rate, both FWs are the same.

  • JIe

Maybe it g for great and b for brillant… :wink: :wink:

Or…Greater than Plextor and Better than Pioneer

  • Jie