New 1620 owner...need a little advice



Has anyone done any real testing on this drive to see if it indeed does perform better with +R as opposed to -R? So far I’ve had no problem burning Tayo Yuden -R’s but I’ve read on more than one occasion that this drive really excels at +Rs. I have no real preference but I’ve always used -Rs on my Pioneer 106 since the -R media was a little cheaper back then. If it turns out that I’d get better burns with +R, then I’ll switch in a heartbeat. I’m almost ready to order more media and wanted some opinions before I did so.

Also, one difference between this unit and my Pioneer is that whenever you stick a DVD in, it immediately goes to the explorer screen and shows the folders. While not a major problem, it’s definitely an annoyance. Is there some setting that I can do to change this?

Last question…ever since I changed the firmware to RPC1, it now shows in Windows as “CD Drive” instead of DVD. I guess this doesn’t matter as long as it works. Just wondered if this was normal or if I did something wrong on the flash.

Just got this drive yesterday and am very happy with it! I’ve burned about 20 DVDs so far and this drive really rocks. It was a beige retail unit purchased from Newegg. Made in Malaysia October 2004.



What firmware came with yours b/c I got mine today and it was G7Z9. If yours was the same, why did you uodate the firnware? Thanks



I’ve seen this behavior before, too. As you stated, it doesn’t matter since it’s working fine.


Z9 should be updated, as it is very old - and iomagic own crap they just do not care to update. I guess you will find several issues (not knowing newer media, maybe not working PIF scanning, QScan does not recognize the disc and so on).

No reason not to go to G7P9 - it is a good firmware it appears to me. Would prefer T9 but think I wait until it (or even a newer one) is available from BenQ (not shuttle as it now is).

I think the Z is the same Z as in :Z