New 1213s results writing at 8x

I don’t know if this will play in my Sony DVD player yet, can anyone explain why the beginning looks like crap and the end it very nice. I used TDK 4x media and omni patcher so I could get 8x and 12 x burning.

OK this disk seems to play fine in my Sony DVD player, I guess the disk is ok. Now I want to try one at 12X

It’s deffinitely not “OK”, but I’m glad it can be played. You will need to swap some strats to burn it successfully at 8x, and forget 12x.

You probably want to get that swapped to the R02 strat if you want it to do 8x properly. I haven’t gotten a Ricoh R01 to do 12x successfully yet. Not that I’ve tried because I only have a handful of pieces of R01 media. Prodisc R02 and TY T01 are the only 4x media that I’ve managed to get to 12x. The results are never as good as the 8x results, so I burn them at 12x only for the fun of it, but for “real” burns, I still use 8x.

how do i get that swapped to the R02 strat, not sure what a strat is.

While “code” is away…

You know Omni-patcher so it will be quite easy. :cool:
Open your FW with Omni, apply all the tweaks you like. Double click on media of choice. Choose a new write strategy. Apply.

BTW, you can also apply recommended media tweaks…

OmniPatcher is one of the easiest-to-use GUI programs since Mac. :slight_smile:

I have some ricohjpnr01 and r02 media to test but I have to look for them first. It’s rather chaotic on my desk. Many of my TY 8x, TY 4x, ricohjpnr01, ricohjpnr02, and some more kinds of sample disks look amost identical.

sounds like my room ;p

Hm. Reading it again, I see code65536 wants to try 12x on ricohjpnr01 media. Apply R02 strategy and just write at 12x? The modifed 1213S wrote to ricohjpnr02 media at 12x that resulted in 865.10 average PI and 25.17 PIF Max, worse than on T08, but the tests were done on July 29. T09 write result was 31.61 and 0.09.