New 111D owner, some questions

Well, after a lot of thought today I finally bought my Pioneer 111D.
I immediately flashed to 111L 8.26 as I have seen adviced in many threads here.

I got a few questions though :

  1. Does it auto bitset DVD+R and DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM with this firmware by default? (any utility that I can use to check the default settings for bitsetting?)
  2. How can I choose recording speed in Nero? (it doesn’t let me, and it burned some yuden000 T02 at 12x automaticaly, which was OK, but I want to have control…
  3. Can I burn at 1x or not? I just would like this option for XBOX360 backups that are sometimes slow-playing when burned in high speed.

That’s all for now…maybe I got some more questions later when I get used to the drive :slight_smile: The first impression is excellent BTW, 10 discs recorded perfectly, now trying some dual layer…

Bitsetting to dvd-rom for DVD+R DUAL LAYER MEDIA comes with the drive without even using tdb firmware. But for DVD+R SINGLE LAYER MEDIA in order to achieve bitsetting to dvdrom tdb firmware is needed. After you burn a DVD+R disc use IMGBURN or DVD DECRYPTER to see whether or not your DVD+R media is booktyped to dvdrom. You can use IMGBURN or DVD DECRYPTER to burn your discs as well. :slight_smile:

well strictly speaking the bros firmware isn’t responsible for the bitsetting, its bufallo, the pioneer firmware automatically sets DVD+R DL By default, but the bufallo adds single layer +R bitsetting

The 1x burning is a myth, and using 4x will give just as good results, and basically if you wanted such speeds you would need to buy lower speed media 4x or below

Exactly, Bitsetting by DEFAULT, means automatically and not changeable.

And whoever spreads this stupid “burning dvd at 1x myth” should get kicked, kicked, kicked.

True, however the lowest speed available for +R/+RW/+R9 is 2,4x, and is advised by many for making a fully working X360 backup, because their drives are rather sensitive for errors.
I haven’t tried it myself yet, and for some people writing at 4x also works flawlessly :iagree:

Yes, but most X360 users simply cannot get the fact that writing at 2.4 is needed for LOW quality media only. Media like Verbatim can easily be burnt at 4x and even 6x with no problems, but other media will cause read errors and so on a 360 no matter how low speed they use. Most even claim they wrote the +DL disk at 1x. :smiley:

regards, Stephen

ooops, almost forget, you need a decent burner of course, the latest Pioneers are just fine. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Pioneer 111Dbk with 1.29 firmware. Will this just work with Dual layer Verbs just fine?

Yes it should, but make sure to get [U]Double[/U] Layer Verbies (DVD+R DL), and not the Dual Layer (DVD-R DL) variety. They’re a more compatible format (unless you live in Japan?).

I have exactly the same configuration and it works quite well.

The Pio 111 can burn at 1x speed. Of course, the FW allows it only for very few media. For instance, it burns the Princo DVD-RW media @1x speed and until about 4 GB the scans are relatively good.

No one was talking about RW media yet.
RW is completely different, even in this case.

Princo DVD-RW cannot be really seen as RW media, I think. Its mediocre bulk.

The question was, whether the Pioneer 111 can burn at 1x speed and my answer was “yes”. The Princos were the only discs, where the firmware did allow it. In fact, it allowed only 1x speed. It is very different question, whether one should burn at the lowest possible speed. My answer to this question is “no”. I usually burn 1 step below the rated speed and this speed usually yields the best quality.

Well, the answers are out, so we won’t have ‘to wrestle’. :wink: