New 107 firmware



Does anyone out there know IF, and WHEN, a new firmware will be available to write 8x on +r media? (just wishing and hoping), also what is the MOST CURRENT 107d firmware out at present…


1.10 is the latest.

Also it works writing at 8x to some 8x media like verbatim/mitsubishi 8x DVD+R.

Hopefully there will be support for ritek 8x DVD+R in the next firmware. (no release dates given).


based on the results of the true x memorex(107d) with excellent results on +r media … would it be possible to get 8x burning on +r media (4x) using the memorex firmware to augment the hacked 1.10 pioneer firmware?


Nope -not yet at least.

Firmware hackers is looking into hacking the firmware for 8x +R on all DVD+R but it will probably take a while (most likely months).

So for now it’s 8x DVD+R only at 8x…and not even all types of 8x DVD+R.