New 107 d firmware version 1.20

new 107 d firmware version

I installed v1.20 on my external DVR-A07 last night :slight_smile: Have not ran any tests, yet, as
my main drive is an DVR-A08XL now :slight_smile:

im waiting for 109 :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems Pioneer could just update the firmware for the 108 to do DVD-R DL?
Why make everyone buy a 109 if they already have a 108? Grrr. :frowning:

Who says that?

Nice to see Pioneer continue their support for their older drives.
YAY! My 107D gets another firmware update even though I prolly wont use it with the arrival of my 108D.

eur link:
8X DVD-R Media Writability Improvement
8X writing on New BeALL +R Media
8X writing on New LEADDATA +R Media
8X writing on New MPO +R Media
8X writing on New NANYA +R Media
8X writing on New TDK +R Media

Ive got the A08XL as well but im also waiting for the 109/A09XL drives too :slight_smile:

I just bought the pioneer dvr a06u(106d) and it just refusese to work…I dont need if i need to download some firmware or what, but I download movies and then convert them to dvd format and do everything correctly, but when i go to burn them with nero burning rom, it tells me that the disc is not compatible. Im using a 4x memorex cds. Im not too knowledgeable about computers, but the package did not come with any software to install. Is that the problem? My pc recognizes it as pioneer dvr-106, but it just doesnt work. Are only certain cds compartible with this burner also. ONe more thing to add is that my computer really lags when i insert a blank CD into the drive .